Good Auto Repair ?

A commenter asked if anyone can recommend a good auto mechanic / auto repair store in LaVergne.  I take my Honda to Accurate Automotive which specializes in Honda, Toyota, and other Japanese cars.  Can anyone recommend other auto mechanics?

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  1. I take my vehicle to La Vergne Tire Center. They have always treated me well. They’ve gone out of their way to help me more than once.

    Here is the review.

  2. I like Tire World in La Vergne. Nice people.

  3. morrisons is great they are christians folks and do the best work in town

  4. Depends on what I need done. Tires, exhaust, and simple stuff I go to First Chance. I do alot of stuff myself. It’s good to be handy.

  5. I also take my car to Tire World. They’ve always given me excellent service.

  6. Check out Rusty over at RC Automotive behind the SunTrust Bank on M-boro Rd.

    The guy came to Mrs. I’m Just Sayin..’s rescue one morning when she accidentally locked her keys in the car.

    Rusty whipped out the Slim Jim and got her on her way to work within 10 minutes.

    Did charge a dime.

    Been going there ever since solely because of the integrity.

  7. I do most of my repair work myself, but my wife and I did take our car to La Vergne Tire/Goodyear for awhile.

    We’ve stopped going there because they ticked me off, but I don’t want to post the exact reasons. I think they are probably a fine repair shop, but it’s important to have a good relationship with your client and they blew that with me. I’ll probably go back one day, but not today.

  8. ***FIXED BELOW***

    Check out Rusty over at RC Automotive behind the SunTrust Bank on M-boro Rd.

    The guy came to Mrs. I’m Just Sayin..’s rescue one morning when she accidentally locked her keys in the car.

    Rusty whipped out the Slim Jim and got her on her way to work within 10 minutes.

    Did ***NOT*** charge a dime.

    Been going there ever since solely because of the integrity.

  9. hey! bullet automotive, they are new in town but, joey over there has been working on cars for years, my whole family has tried them and we have been pleasenly satisfied with there prices and services, they do it all, try them , you’ll be satisfied

  10. Where is bullet automotive? Do you know the phone number?

  11. […] Oct 21st, 2007 by Kathy T. With lots of comments on the post about auto repair, I wanted to bring it to the top again for people to re-read and reply to questions.  Questions for which I have no answers.  Go read here. […]

  12. My mechanic brother who works for free and only charges parts.

  13. For many things, Chance down at First Chance has always done right by me. My impression is they are good honest people and don’t try to oversell you.

    When I’ve got other issues, I take my stuff to Morris Automotive. They seem pretty good and fairly reasonable. If I have to have something done and I can’t take a lot of time out of a vehicle, I call Mobile Auto Doctors, they come to the house and fix it. So far, they have been great.

    I also do a fair amount of mechanical work on my own, when it’s not one of the vehicles we depend on for work.

  14. I had a new clutch put in at Dr. Automotive and they did a good job for a couple hundred less than I was quoted at other places. Also, I had asked them to check out a couple of other issues on my car which they could have told me needed expensive repairs done right away, but they were very honest and let me know what could wait and what wasn’t an issue at all (I had a check engine light on, but only because the housing for the air filter wasn’t closed securely). I am definitely going back there for any future repairs because they were polite, honest, and very capable.

  15. bullet automotive, the best, they are about the cheapest i’ve seen, quality repairs and trust worthy. they do everything. call’em 287-9815. they are located just off old nashville hwy @111 blue valley rd. locally owned by joey patterson, ASE Certified mechanic. you won’t go wrong

  16. A great way to learn about Auto Repair is by taking courses in Paintless Dent Removal.

  17. For transmissions you have to atleast check out Transmission Masters on Murfreesboro Road – 533-1054.

  18. Stay away from Bullet they are ripping people off they had my vehicle for about a year and did not fix it then charged me for storage.

  19. um… And it took you a year to figure they were con artists? What was wrong with the car?

  20. He was suppose to change the motor I give him the go ahead to get it done after waiting a while he called me to come get it and the job was not done then he charged to storage fee.

  21. the reply by john is not true, this is false information that is without a doubt a scheme to try to detour customers. in my opinion this may be another shop owner. if any potential customers are in doubt i will be glad to share some (over 200) references with them. just come by. we strive on quality, and customer satisfaction. we guarantee the lowest possible rates
    and to prove it we will beat any competitors written quote by 10%.

  22. how dare anyone say bad things about joey at bullet ,him and his workers have always done more than most shops to keep me and my family happy just call and talk to them they work with you . we have 5 cars and i know of alot of others that take their cars there and never had one complaint .i beleive someone else is making stuff up.

  23. I don’t know anything about this Bullet place, where it is, or how good of a job they do. However, there are places I like that treat me great that other people might not feel the same about. Maybe Bullet is good to Mark and Joey but not John.

    For example, I’ve learned NOT to patronize anyone who advertises on radio (Price’s Collision, Zander Insurance, etc) unless I have a referral from someone else. These people will flat out lie just to get you into their business, then tell you they’re basically the same as everyone else, but of course they cost more because they pay for radio ads.

  24. by the way, i wanted to let anyone whom may have interest in bullet automotive know that our address is not located at 111 blue valley rd. we are at 535 old nashville hwy and our phone number is 615 793-6418.
    we are open monday-friday and we accept credit cards and have financing avaliable, we also offer senior citizen discounts. we would greatly appriciate any business from anyone with open arms

  25. to anyone whom may have interest in bullet automotive, let it be known that they have moved, their new location is 1323 S. lowry street, smyrna tn and their new number is 355-6544. i recently read the reviews on here and descided to try them , very curtious people and pretty fast turn around. very reasonable full timing belt replace w/ water pump under 350.00 i was impressed.

  26. Like 1st Chance also

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