So let’s talk about the roundabout…

Somehow in our discussion regarding channel 3we got onto another discussion regarding the new roundabout that opened on stones river road at Parthenon Blvd. I have stated I am in favor of this and possibly other roundabouts on 2 lane streets, but wanted to open this up for discussion.

First, to make sure everyone understands what we are talking about, here is a link to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) documentation on roundabouts.

They make several good points, including that they are safer and allow traffic to flow better than with traditional stop signs and stop lights, they are safer for vehicles and pedestrians, and this study also notes that many people are opposed to roundabouts initially, but later come to prefer them.

I like them because I hate stoplights. I also like our traffic circle in particular because it shows creativity on behalf of our city. Sure, we could have strung more stoplights like it was christmas, or put in a couple of rusty poles with stop signs, but we didn’t do that! We actually took a step to show we are willing to set trends in middle Tennessee! Other than Division circle, how many other roundabouts are there in the area? 3? 5? 10?

I think this is a great idea, and should be considered at Fergus and Fisk, Old Nashville and Jefferson Pike, Waldron and Lake Road, and probably several other intersections around the city. But that’s my opinion, what’s yours?


4 Responses

  1. I really like the concept of roundabouts as well. However, I think when they are designed, planners should consider school buses, RV’s, boats, etc. I’ve heard several people say now that they have trouble getting this bigger-type vehicle through it. But I love roundabouts. Oddly, it makes me feel Brittish so I have say “roundabout” in a poor English accent.

  2. They certainly offer beautification opportunities and no I’m not referring to the naked dancers on Demonbreun.

  3. I think once everyone get used to the roundabout they will feel more comfortable about it.The city needs to look into making them wider.For instance,our firetrucks and city vehicles may have a hard time getting thru themin emergency situations.
    They need to put up lights in the center that will light up the whole area.It’s really dark in the area of Stones River Road.

  4. Im neither for or against the round about other than those who dont yeild when entering the circle. I almost saw a horrific accident there the other day. However, I would like to talk abut the tunring lane in front of KFC for those of us who are using the new cut through to get from M-boro Rd back to the rear of LF. Has anyone heard of anything in the works to lengthen that little 3 car turning lane? Cant they just build a private road to my driveway for me only? J/K :p

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