OT Day – Gobs of Fun!

UPDATE:  I took my girls to the fireworks show tonight – my first for LaV.  It was spectacular!  The city really outdid itself with this grand finale to the day.  Bravo, LaVergne!

When the sun rose this morning, it brought what felt like subzero temperatures.  (When you experience a month of temperatures over 100 degrees, then even 60 feels icy!)  My right ear – which I swear was frostbitten in North Dakota – starts aching any time the wind blows.  The wind was stout today, so I spent a chunk of Old Timers’ Day with my hand over my ear.  I promise it wasn’t because of the singer next to our tent singing “Giggle when you wiggle, wiggle when you giggle!” 17 times.  He was very talented, as was the miniature, female violin-playing Mozart who was with him (she was about 7’ish and had amazing talent).

Well there was a gang of us who showed up to hand out free bowling tickets, courtesy the Smyrna Bowling Center.  We also had a donation bucket set up for Brandon Brewer and handed out lots of flyers and information about the Bowling for Brandon event coming up on September 28th.

Before I put up photos, I want to give a shout out to regular reader Mikey V. – it was spectacular meeting you!  Also, LaVergne’s Landscape/Turf Specialist Aaron Simmons who is very much looking forward to our writers and readers working together to put together a Beautification Committee for our fair city.  I also want to compliment the three city workers who I know were very active in putting together Oldtimers’ Day – Angie Mayes, Felicia Halfacre, Kim Smathers… I know there were many more people who helped and all of you deserve a big THANK YOU from the residents of LaVergne.  If the smiles on the faces of those who attended were any indication, you all did a great job!  Thank you!

I also want to thank Alderwoman Senna Mosely, Smyrna Bowling Center’s Mark Gunn, View from the Lake, and Rutherford Reader’s Yvonne Moon, along with our various children, who helped today.  Brandon Brewer’s mom, Brande, and his grandmother and brother Jonathan were also there today and it was a pleasure seeing and working with everyone.  Brandon was feeling pretty under the weather, so he couldn’t make it.

Now for some photos!

Setting up Friday night

Setting up the tent Friday  night are (from left) View from the Lake, Kathy T., Mark, Senna & Ronnie Mosely.

bounce thingies

The jumpie/bouncies thingies are laid out Friday night – ready for a fun day of jumping kids on Saturday.

Outdoor bowling

Two bowling fans have fun with the portable bowling lane.

Bowling for Brandon

Was it the wind or a lucky shot?  It was the wind.

Cancer survivor bowls for Brandon

A young cancer survivor Bowls for Brandon while a boy helps and Mom watches.

Brande Brewer

Brande Brewer documents Brandon’s health day for his next visit with the doctor.

Brandon’s Bowling Ball

Brandon donated his first bowling ball for the silent auction taking place during the “Bowling for Brandon” event.  Watch for a full list of auction items coming up soon!

Senna Mosely

Senna is not cold at all.  Afterall, her husband reminded her to bring her jacket that morning.


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