Don’t Mess with LaVergne!

UPDATE:  Here’s a link to the story in today’s DNJ

If you’re thinking about robbing a home in LaVergne, don’t!  Police are investigating a home invasion last night in which a would-be thief entered a home and saw the owner on the couch.  The owner pulled a gun out from under the couch, aimed, and fired at the crook.  The robbery attempt abruptly ended.

This my friends is exactly why we are given the constitutional right to protect our home!  Read the whole story here by the Daily News Journal.


20 Responses

  1. Great article! People focus too much on what bad people do with guns, while ignoring what good guns can do. What story would we be reading today if the homeowner didn’t have a weapon?

    We absolutely need to try and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but we need to make sure that law abiding citizens keep their right to protect themselves.

  2. I’m glad that this man was able to defend himself in his own home, and I don’t have all the details of this incident, but it does make me nervous that people might store loaded weapons in places that can be reached by children. Maybe the homeowner doesn’t have kids, but you know, well, it’s just something to consider if you have children or if children ever visit your home, even on rare occasions. Kids, even young ones, are very curious and will usually find anything you have hidden. I know, that’s pointing out something negative (sorry michaelinLV), but if you own a firearm, I do think it’s wise to consider how and where you store it. Sorry if I’m being a downer…not meaning to.

  3. I’ve got a great idea for those of you looking to protect your homes that I dare not mention on this blog. If you are interested in knowing what I’m talking about, come out to the Bowling for Brandon night at the Smyrna bowling alley from midnight til 6:00 AM and I’ll reveal what that is.

  4. That’s 9/28.

  5. My blood begins to boil every time I hear the phrase “…our Constitutional right to bear arms” being used to support universal anti-handgun control initiatives.

    My blood will absolutely VAPORIZE if I hear someone say anything resembling “If you’re against handguns, then you don’t love your country!”


    I’m quite certain the framers of our Constitution had no idea that “the right to bear arms” phrase would evolve to a point where more criminals have handguns than law-abiding citizens.

    I’m Just Sayin’….

  6. To I’m Just Sayin… if you’ll go back and read the post, I wrote: “This my friends is exactly why we are given the constitutional right to protect our home!” To protect our HOME” … not “Constitutional right to bear arms.”

    I agree that it’s ridiculous that there are more criminals with guns than law-abiding citizens, but as someone wrote in the DNJ comment section, “the horse is out of the barn.” At this point, I’m just grateful that I DO have the ability to protect my family should I ever need it. And make no mistake, if someone breaks into my home – my family WILL be protected backed by and using the full extent of the law.

  7. M. – I can’t wait to hear your idea!

  8. No attack intended on what you posted KT. It’s just that the whole subject of handgun control is a slippery-slope.

    It’s obvious that my stance is anti-handgun. It is my belief that the handgun manufacturers should be shut down and that penalties for handgun possession and importing should be drastically increased to include stiff prison sentences. Turn the handgun manufacturing plants into prison facilities to hold the increased prison population.

    I laugh hysterically in disbelief at those “pro-handgun” folks with there “If they didn’t have their handguns, I wouldn’t need mine.” They support organizations like the NRA with their multi-millions of dollars. Problem is, organizations like the NRA do nothing to rid the criminals of their handguns. Their only concern is to protect the right of the individual to carry a handgun.

    Anybody care to do the research on how many children have been killed over the years due to access to handguns owned by their parents/guardians?

    Newsflash: Just ONE is a price that’s too high to pay.

    I’m Just Sayin’…

  9. I know this does get to be a very sensitive issue with people. I kind of walk the middle ground on it all in that I do believe that we have the right to have guns in our homes to protect our homes – when properly stored from curious children, etc. And the horse really has left the barn as far as the millions (if not billions) of guns out there ripe for the pickin’ by criminals.

    An agent in my office went off on a tirade the other day about how the killings at Virginia Tech would have been prevented everyone on campus was armed. I stood frozen to the spot, mouth agape, that he honestly felt that everyone should walk around with guns. Wow. I guess it would be okay if everyone had a conscience, but we clearly live in a world today where violence is acceptable to a large number of people. Consider that people are being raised to believe that killing Americans is an honorable (exalted even) accomplishment and that jihads / martyrdom is holy.

    Not to be too negative, but this world we live in is sure a “messed” up place at times. That’s why I try to spend what little extra time I have doing volunteer work, taking my girl scout troop camping (this weekend!), helping Brandon Brewer and his family with fundraisers, etc. Man we have got to step up as a society to show that there really is a lot of good in people, that we do care for one another. I’ve said it before – I want to measure my success in life by how I’m remembered … rather than how much money I make, what kind of car I drive, and how big my gun is!

    (Sorry about my own personal tirade!)

  10. IJS, I feel you are wrong on this issue. If we shut down Smith and Wesson, would you then want to shut down Ginza because people are being killed with knives? Maybe we should shut down gyms because people could get too strong and punch someone else?

    Second amendment to the consitution: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The courts have interpreted this to mean that law abiding citizens can keep and bear arms; convicted felons no longer have this protection under the law and therefore should not be able to have access to handguns. Unfortunately we live in an imperfect soceity.

    Your premise is built on a fallacy. Fact is, we cannot un-invent the handgun. The technology exists, so people who want guns will have guns. If we take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, then the only people with guns will be criminals. The NRA never claimed to be an organization to keep guns out of criminals hands, but fortunately we do have an oranization with that purpose: The POLICE!

    I would encourage you to review the data on this site: Please note that while this is a pro second amendment website, the data is provided by the national safety council.

    Children are more likely to die from falling, drowning, suffocation, or fires than they are to die from an accidental shooting. So we should ban all pools, stairs, and matches. To say just one child dying accidentally is too many is unfair to the approximately 800,000 people who use firearms to defend themselves annually.

    I completely understand your compassion on this issue; no one wants to see untimely deaths. But you simply cannot blame the gun. It takes someone pulling a trigger to turn a gun into a deadly weapon, and fortunately for this 62 year old man in La Vergne, he was on the right end of the barrell; and that gun most likely saved his life.

  11. Break into my house and seeee who greets you!! I was raised around guns. I was taught how to use them properly at a very young age. WAY—- back then the only thing with blood that had to worry about being shot was deer, quail, dove, rabbit, etc. As an adult, I took the proper training inorder to carry. I have grandchildren and my husband and I take great precautions with our guns. I have never pointed a gun at another human being, but let someone put me in that position and see what happens. I have the privalge of living in the greatest country ever. Men and woman die every day so we can have these conversations and carry our hand guns.

  12. Well all of La Vergne could sleep at night if the punk was in the hospital or dead. Oh yeah lets take away his gun, never mind it is his house and his family he is protecting. Maybe we should send the punk over to the house of the few people that think we do not have the right to bear arms. If you do not like our Country and do not accept our Constitution. You can leave!!!! Our Right’s to Bear Arms gave you the Freedom of Speech!!! Or is that slippery-slope also!!!!!

  13. I do enjoy the freedom to read the dialog that is posted on this site and feel it is in part because we have the right to have guns in our homes. I am glad that MOST of the time our government gets it right. I raised two children as a single parent around guns, but they were taught respect for them as well as their use. I now have a step-son in the house and although me and his mom have only been married for two years, he was taught the same respect while we were dating. My take on this issue is that if you choose not to have a gun in your house, I am happy for you. But I am tired of people trying to tell me how to live as a full grown man in my house. Believe me, if nobody comes into my house with bad intent, my guns will never be used on a human. But if someone has the idea of harming my family, the ole “Dragon” will be used with force. It is unfortunate that we have bad people in this world, but we do..and as a result, they must be addressed and this is one way that might sway a kid or young adult from becomming a criminal. Hope everyone has a great day!

  14. I’ll vouch for Senna she can handle firearms and hit her target, we took our carry permit class together.

  15. Okay folks. Truce for a moment?

    Understand one thing first: The subject I maintain my passion about is not GUNS, it is HANDGUNS. The sole purpose of a handgun is to injure, maim or eliminate another human being. I have always questioned this purpose.

    I own two Mossbergs and a Remington and use them for deer and duck hunting so I do not have a problem with GUNS.

    Walper said: “If you do not like our Country and do not accept our Constitution. You can leave!!!!”

    Walper: what makes you think I don’t like our country nor accept our Constitution?

    MichaelinLV: While I have many Ginsu-like knives in the house, I also keep many non-cooking type knives. I will not hesitate to use any of them to protect my home and family. I also swing a mean baseball bat, of which there is one near each door and in the bedroom. You’re more than welcome to try to invade my home. I can always use a little practice.

    So the fact that children are more likely to die from falling, drowning, suffocation, or fires justifies the accidental shootings? I’m not sure I understand the logic behind that statement.

    Also, please expand on this statement: “To say just one child dying accidentally is too many is unfair to the approximately 800,000 people who use firearms to defend themselves annually.”

    Let me make sure I’ve got this straight. In order to be “fair to the 800,000 people who use firearms to defend themselves annually” we have to accept one child dying annually?

    Sorry, but I can’t fall in line with that logic.

    I’m Just Sayin’….

  16. Anybody hear of any “drive-by knifings” lately?


  17. “Let me make sure I’ve got this straight. In order to be “fair to the 800,000 people who use firearms to defend themselves annually” we have to accept one child dying annually?”

    Yes, you have to accept one child dying annually versus 800,000 other people living. And as far as “justifying” accidental shooting, that’s not the point. The point is that there are plenty of other incidents more likely to kill a child, so to point your anger towards handguns are mis-guided.

    If you begin the campaign to eliminate all pools in La Vergne, then I’ll give your argument more consideration. Until then, you are trying to eliminate the symptom (guns) while completely ignoring the illness.

  18. Anybody hear of any “drive-by knifings” lately?

    No, but those drive-by fruitings are really quite serious. ;)

  19. “Yes, you have to accept one child dying annually versus 800,000 other people living.” (WTF?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!)

    The original statement here was: “To say just one child dying accidentally is too many is unfair to the approximately 800,000 people who use firearms to defend themselves annually.”

    We will have to agree to disagree on this because I will NEVER, EVER support the sacrificing of a child in order to provide 800,000 people an additional means to defend themselves.

    Why can’t these 800,000 people use the other means they have to defend themselves? Are they scared of something that they are not sharing with the other non-800,000?

    I’m Just Sayin’….

  20. I’m just Say’n….You will change your tune when you need a gun and don’t have one. Then and only then will you see that more good guys with guns is always better then more bad guys. If your in a store, school, bank, or other daily destinations and you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time you are being threatend, you will wish you had a way to stop the situation.don’t think a knife would have saved those mall shoppers(this kind of act wouldn’t happen in a southern states because of the possibillity of all the licensed to carry owners). Take away the handgun and you take away the equalizer.
    I can see your dream of no hand guns, in a candyland perfect world where guns weren’t ever invented and we can all love each other. since they were invented I guess we have to use them to our advantage. you know as well as I know you can’t take the guns from the bad guys and if only bad guys have handguns then we are all lambs for the taking. Look at countrys and states that have banned guns from leagal owners.(England has the highest home invasion rate, and DC’s crime rate rose while the rest of the nations rate dropped since the ban in DC) But you are ok because if a home invader comes in your house with just a baseball bat then I you guys will have to see who has the best batting average, but I don’t think thats all he will bring. good luck with that.

    As for children dealths by fire arms, blame the parents/owner for not locking them up when not needed. the gun is an inanimate object, blaming it is like blaming the couch when you stub your toe.
    There are a lot of child deaths by alot of differents reasons, most those other reasons (drowning, abuse, neglect) could use someone like you to stop those more worthy causes. as they kill more and you could save more children. till then don’t blame the gun, blame the owner.

    I carry mine everywhere and hope I will never have to use it, but I promise you this if Im in that bank, store, or school with you and there is a situation that will require me to save you and your family I will be there with my handgun! Your Welcome just doing the job the constitiution allows me todo.

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