Oh What a Night

Brandon Brewer’s mom wrote a note regarding Friday’s Bowling for Brandon.  Here are excerpts:

Good Morning!  Brandon has managed to catch somewhat of  a cold and for the last two days his pain has increased but nothing and no one will stop him from attending the fund-raiser!  I do need to let you know so that you can pass the word around  that Brandon will be hooked up to his i.v. nutrition the night of the fund-raiser (over 12 hours) but I will have his machines and i.v. in a backpack which of course holds them. I will use vygon i.v. extension tubing which is a spiral tubing that weighs next to nothing . I plan adding two or three vygon’s so that he can go about 3-4 feet without having to tote his heavy back pack around and so that he can bowl as well . The problem… every one and I mean every one that is near him needs to be extremely careful as this tubing is very FRAGILE!  It is also hard to SEE even if you are an adult unless you are looking for it. If a child/adult walks fast / runs between Brandon and his backpack the likely hood of something bad happening to Brandon 99.9 % such as the cath being pulled out of his chest which is connected to his heart.  I don’t want you to be nervous and I will of course be there to try and make sure an accident of this nature does not happen but you can’t prevent everything. We need to make sure every one walks slowly around him at all times and to also try and view his tubing so that they won’t trip over it which is another thing that can likely happen. As long as everyone knows what NOT to do I think it should go smoothly!!  I’m not worried and he is so EXCITED!!   

He talks about the fund-raiser everyday and I get so much joy out of hearing him say ” I’m staying the whole 6 hours, ma!!! ” The smiles you ALL have put on my sons face, I will always treasure.   There have been times when I have almost lost Brandon and he proved all the doctors wrong but I always knew he had unfinished plans & people to meet. Brandon has got a lot of  people to become organ donors over the last 12 years and I think we should set up a table with organ donor cards and information if we can as I think that is important to educate people.  I can get free pencils pens and organ donor balloons , shirts (I think) just let me know if I can do this!!!

Thank you for caring & loving our Brandon the way we do. We appreciate you very much  more than you will ever know!  I am truly blessed to be Brandon’s mother.  GOD SPEED!


So there you have it.  Our young benefeciary is looking forward to Friday night and we are looking forward to helping him and his family.  We will have volunteers selling tickets at the door of the Smyrna Bowling Center at 11:30 p.m. this Friday night.  We are expecting Channel 4 News to be there early in the evening /night/ so we are very hopeful for a large crowd.

We have (I believe) over 85 items donated for the Silent Auction, including: Brandon’s first bowling ball, an autographed item from musician Charlie Daniels, one week lodging at Laurel Crest Resort in Pigeon Forge, Titans jersey, hand-painted gourd art, Steve Earle video and CD collection, two ticket to My Fair Lady at TPAC, four bowling balls (to be sold individually), Snowbird cookie jar, three sets of four tickets to “Titans on 2 with Jeff Fisher”, Signed First Edition of Michael Crichton book, State of Fear, and numerous other items including gift cards to local restaurants, tanning salons, exercise spas, and more.

Plan to join us for unlimited bowling this Friday night, September 28th at midnight until Saturday morning, September 29th 6:00 a.m.  Remember, if you’re not a night owl you can go home to beddy-by before 6:00 a.m., but we hope you can show your support for Brandon Brewer and his family this weekend!


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  1. I would suggest that people get there no later than 12:30am because it looks like we might have a full house of 52 lanes by that time. I have alot of my regular customers coming plus church groups, Girl scouts, boy scouts, and everyone else. The silent auction items are going to be down in the meeting room by lanes 1 and 2 and there will also be a table set up for organ donating cards so everyone please just stop in and fill out a card to become an organ donor. Bidding is also going well as people are really wanting items and they are helping as well. I will be posting an update in the next two days on thisissmyrna.com and we are also going to be on WGNS on Wed. at 3pm so everyone tune in and listen.

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