Auction Update

MORE NEWS:  Tune in today at 3 p.m. to Radio Talk Show on WGNS Radio (local Murfreesboro Radio Station) 1450 on the AM dial or 100.5 and 101.9 on FM.  An interview is scheduled about Friday’s Bowling for Brandon Fundraiser.  Note we’ve collected over $3,000 of merchandise/services in just a couple of  weeks’ time thanks to the generosity of the local community.  Charlie Daniels donated autographed items and there’s a week at a timeshare in Pigeon Forge including 2 Dollywood tickets up for bidding. Brandon, his Mom Brande, another volunteer Mark Gunn and myself will be interviewed.  Listen if you have time!

Bowling for Brandon is coming up fast… only two days away!  Mark G. of the Smyrna Bowling Center and Yvonne Moon of the Rutherford Reader have worked so hard to gather items for a silent auction – and the donations are amazing! 

Dollywood has donated two one-day passes to its theme park to go along with the 6 night, 7 day condo time share at Pigeon Forge.  Charlie Daniels (yes, THE Charlie Daniels) has donated numerous items including CDs, photos, etc.  The devil in him may have gone down to Georgia, but the angel is right here in middle Tennessee.  (Groan. I know, too corny!).  If you’ll look way up on top, I’ve built a new tab with sponsors (more to be posted as time allows) and a photo selection of additional items to be auctioned.

LaVergne has more than our share of problems, but this is our chance to show that despite bad press we sometimes get, we are MORE THAN THAT.  We are a community that cares.  We are a town that will step up to help a child in need, a family in crisis.  I challenge our leaders, our students, our families to be at the Smyrna Bowling Center this Friday night at midnight to show Channel 4 News and other reporters that we will not be labeled!  Bring a sign that says “LaVergne loves Brandon” or “La Vergne ::HEARTS:: Brandon” or something similar! 

But most importantly, even if you don’t plan to stay all night or bowl, come to make a donation to help the Brewers pay for Brandon’s upcoming transplant.  He is at the top of the transplant list at this time – and this may be his last chance for a really fun evening before this painful surgery.  Aloha!


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