LHS Teacher suspended

I don’t mean to shift the focus away from Brandon (and Kathy, I’m not going to “bowl the night away,” but I do plan on stopping by to do my part), but I thought this story could generate interesting discussion.

It appears the kid made an inappropriate comment, and the teacher ‘touched’ his mouth. Why was this kid playing cards in school? Was he in class? No wonder our kids are dumb, they play cards instead of learning!

I think there are a couple of things to remember. First off, anyone teaching in the 21st century should know you don’t touch kids. That’s just the rule.

Secondly, here again we have an example of a kid being a thug, and his momma defends him!?!? I’m not a parent, but I have to believe if I called my mom and said a teacher slapped me, she’s going to want to know why. When she finds out I was saying things I shouldn’t, she’s going slap me too!

But then again, we already know there are parents in this city who don’t care that their kids are in gangs; what’s a few dirty words to top it off….


Here is today’s article in the DNJ

It appears that the teacher’s tapping was in a more jovial manner, and not an attempt to harm the student. So the teacher rewards the kids with card playing, tries to have fun and be ‘one of the guys,’ and is rewarded with suspension.

Sounds like the kid was trying to stir the pot. I thought only adults looked for the opportunity to sue for millions? At the same time, I bet this teacher feels even more dumb for ‘rewarding’ this student!

At least the card playing will come to an end.


12 Responses

  1. Maybe if your teachers had slapped you when you were in school, you could spell, use proper grammar, not misuse apostrophes constantly, and not abuse exclamation points. At least playing cards teaches you math.

  2. I work with kids on a fairly regular basis and they can be incredibly rude and obnoxious – usually in front of their parents who just sit there and say nothing. And obviously they expect everyone else who deals with their rude, hateful kids to say nothing either.

    On the other hand, we do have some amazing children out there too. Kids who are kind, helpful, courteous. Those are the ones I want my girls to befriend.

  3. wow, excellent screen name grammer nazi! Of course, I only found one mis-spelling, and the rest of my typing I would mention is not intended to be an essay, but more “web-speak.”

    How does playing cards teach you math? Ever play BS?

  4. Kids can be rude and horrible at times. I have seen it while visiting my children’s schools. I am amazed at the restraint I have seen some teachers have cause there were moments when I wanted to slap someone elses kids myself but I know that hitting someones elses kid is a major no no!!!

  5. The DNJ article is a bit light on details but I would tend to side with the teacher until more of the facts are made known.

  6. You also misspelled ‘misspelling’. (edit from MILV – No, that is spelled correctly)

    “Second, here again we have an example of a kid being a thug, and his momma defends him!?!?”

    Hyperbole or not, that sentence is nearly impossible to decipher. ‘Here again, we have” is enough to start the sentence. Second is unnecessary (and if you do want to use it, it should be secondly, since you’re continuing a list, not placing things in order).

    (edit from MILV – Since I had a ‘first,’ I thought I needed a ‘second.’ You cannot use first, then use secondly)

    “Gang’s” is singular possessive; gangs is what you meant, and that word is a plural. The apostrophe is not an early warning system for the letter S.

    ( edit from MILV – No, capital G refers toa proper noun. Since I didn’t specify bloods or crips or whatever, the spelling is correct)

    ( edit from MILV – Again, I am not trying to be Mister Perfect on here, but I do not think my grasp of the english language is out in right field. I am only editing your comment because I do not want to continue this discussion on this particular topic. I would have emailed you, but I have a suspesion that spam@fakeemailaddress.com isn’t going to work.)

  7. As a parent of a teen, I can understand how a parent can get angry at the school and teacher for inappropriate contact with a student. This kind of contact as incidental as it may be, is still inappropriate and should be disciplined. The district took appropriate measures to diffuse the situation and restore order. I do have a question about why the student had a cell phone on them which is in clear violation to school rules. We were told at the beginning of the school year that it was not allowed. I also feel that there are “Card” games that are played in class that would be useful in teaching math or language skills, but I’m not sure how it is useful in teaching keyboarding skills.

  8. So the whole story is:

    – Teacher allows kids to play a game of cards as a reward to his students. Reward for what were not sure.
    – A 15-16 year old starts getting loud.
    – Teacher tapped the student on the mouth in a “cutting-up sort of way”.
    – Kid calls mom and tells her he was backhanded across the face.
    – Mom has a conniption.
    – Kid reassigned to another teacher.
    – Teacher with a blemish free record for nearly 20 years at LHS is suspended and threatened with termination.

    I think the punishment is a little steep for the “crime”. If this were my kid, and I have two, I would have no problem at all with the teacher’s actions.

    Note to Grammar Nazi: No one gives a sh*t.

  9. Casey said: “Note to Grammar Nazi: No one gives a sh*t.”


    Post of the day!

  10. I’m trying to help the site look better. I don’t believe constructive comments on proper English grammar and spelling need to be deleted.

  11. Kids these days think they are living in a Rap video. Rude, lude, and crude is how they are “cool.” I take the opportunity to correct any behavior I run across from other kids, so I am sure people look at me and think I am a nosey fuddy-duddy. But I am tired of living in a world where good manners are not taught by lazy parents, who relinquish that responsibility to MTV.

    Sorry for the mistakes, Good Ole Southern Boy is my tongue.

  12. I have taught in a a highschool were the kids were either on probation or waiting for their court date. The charges were mostly range from assault to drugs. Students have been known to bring in weapons to school. Oh did I mention that this is a magnet school… Anyway I believe that the school system has failed to protect the teacher and allowed the patients run the asylum. A person can try to justify it all they want but the last day I was at that school they had to call the cops because a student was believe to have a gun. That kid was in one of my classes and I will be honest if he would have even attempted to make a threating move he would have been dealt with the moment he reached into his bag. Spare me the hippie jargon of high school kids being angelic, I admit that there are some good kids but you have the bad and unfortunately the school system’s hands are tied with out support.

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