Media Coverage of Bowling

We’re still beating the drum to get your attention!  Bowling for Brandon is tonight at midnight and we so hope the residents of LaVergne show up in force to show your support for one of our own!

Here’s an article in today’s Daily News Journal

Same article in the Smyrna A.M.

Gunner Miller’s column in Smyrna A.M. *

Here’s Yvonne Moon’s article from last week’s Rutherford Reader. *

And from WGNS radio:

Fri. (Sept. 28, 2007) midnight-6am Sat. morning BOWLING FOR BRANDSON at the Smyrna Bowling Center.  Enjoy six-hours of unlimited bowling ($20 per person, shoe rental not include), and proceeds help 15-year old Brandon Brewer.  This local teen has been moved to the top of a transplant list as he struggles against life-threatening condition.  There will also be a SILENT AUCTION.  To donate items for the auction, phone 995-2636.  For information or to get tickets, phone 355-0501.

* Come to Bowling for Brandon to meet these local celebrities!  (I kind of imagine they might argue with me about their celebrity status, but what the heck… let’s spread some sunshine.) 


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  1. This just in from Brandon’s website “Brandon is so very excited about tonights fundraiser!! He can hardly contain himself ! ” Now La Vergne we need you to show up for tonight’s event and show your support since this young man is sooo excited about tonight!!!

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