Thousands Raised …

As the unlikely winner of the Pigeon Forge time share, I’m proud to announce that we raised nearly $4,000 before, during, and after the “Bowling for Brandon” fundraiser this weekend.  I’d heard that someone was planning to give up to a certain amount for the time share so in an attempt to edge the number up, I bid on it.  Unfortunately, no one bid after me.  Holy cow it would’ve been a hard check to write if I hadn’t known that it was for a great cause!

I want to express appreciation to the event organizers for their hard work:  Smryna Bowling Center’s Mark Gunn and Rutherford Reader’s Yvonne Moon.  You two are inspirational!

A citizen of LaVergne hired a limousine to pick up Brandon from his home for the evening so he arrived in style!


That’s his Mom getting out behind him.  A friend of the family who also has a child with Hirschprung’s Disease is wearing blue to Brandon’s right.


Two Titans cheerleaders received special permission to come by in uniform and say hello to Brandon.  Photo credit to This is Smyrna (my picture showed one of the women with eyes half closed… you know… like a driver’s license photo).


Cake donated by Publix.  Thank you Publix!


Senna Mosely won the challenge on behalf of LaVergne… the throwdown in which we challenged LaVergne and Smyrna city officials to show up in support of the Brewers.  Senna was there and spoke with Brande Brewer (left).


Brandon held out for a long time, but had to call it a night after 2:00 a.m.! 

On behalf of the Brewer family, please accept our sincere appreciation for your donations, kindness, and support during this fundraising event.  If you’d like to donate, you can send a check payable to Brandon Brewer to First Tennessee Bank, 770 Nissan Drive, Smyrna, TN 37167.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. […] bloggers have united to raise money for a sick child.  Sponsored by the Smyrna Bowling Center, This is LaVergne, and This is Smyrna, over $4000 was raised for local teen Brandon Brewer, who is at the top of the […]

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