Domestic Complaint

A wife’s report to LaVergne police resulted in the arrest of her husband on multiple domestic and drug charges.  The Daily News Journal reports the story here.


3 Responses

  1. Hmmmmm……..11 guns………..most of which would probably NOT be used for hunting (at least game anyway). Not to mention that this is an area of LV where there are A LOT of children.

    I wonder……..were those used to protect his family or his “stash”?

    (Well done, LPD!)

    I’m Just Sayin’…

  2. That’s one brave woman….going to the police like she did. What would have happened later this week, this month, this year if she hadn’t gone to them to let the police know that she was threatened. She was brave enough to let someone in authority know something is wrong at that house and I applaud her for that. These guns are not there for any good…only something bad. At least those guns and drugs are off the street before a child, teenager, or adult is hurt or killed. Thank you lady for possibly saving someone’s life. Now La Vergne is a little safer for your courage.

  3. He was able to listen to the police on a scanner….. here’s one how about a tactical frequency. Interesting to hear at 3AM.

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