2 Questions

This is especially for residents of Lake Forest, but everyone else is welcome to answer.

1. Have you noticed any problems with your water pressure lately? Say, the past 2 weeks?

2. Have you been having problems with gnats coming up from your drains?

I ask because it could be a problem with my individual house, or it could be an area-wide problem. I thought the problem with the drain flies might be that we had something caught in a drain, but they seem to be coming from all my drains. Weird.


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  1. I have something wrong with my water pressure. It’s fast for about 2 seconds. Then it’s slows down. This is been going on for about 6 weeks

  2. I noticed my water pressure went down for a few days last week. Seems to be fine now but I will watch it. havent noticed the gnat problem unless I have left something dirty in the sink for a day or so. Those are fruit flies though i believe…maybe.

  3. Not noticed the water pressure, but gnats are in my main bath drain.

  4. we have low pressure as well and we even have 2 water tanks 3 blocks away in eye distance and still have low pressure. What’s up with that?

  5. The drain flies were a HUGE problem in a new development in Smyrna two years ago. They were so bad that people who lived in two or three houses had to move out for a season until their numbers subsided. Even the pest control companies couldn’t kill them. The home owners tried to sue the developer for the problem, but as it turned out the source was the mulch used in landscaping. It had come from Louisiana or somewhere where the problem was huge.

    As far as water pressure, I don’t know why it’s fluctuating. But Mark’s low water pressure could be something as simple as a knob in his house not adjusted right. Where the knob would be, I don’t know. Do you have any plumbing buddies?

    AND Ivy!!! Tell everyone your vinegar and dishwashing soap thingie! It’s awesome!

  6. For the past month, I’ve noticed that the water pressure, especially in our toilets, changes erratically. Sometimes it would be weak, but sometimes it would be normal.

  7. I don’t life in LFE, but in my experience water pressure in La Vergne always seems to be excellent. You will have high’s and lows, like if everyone has their sprinkler on in the summer pressure will be lower.

    You can alway have public works come out and make sure the pressure line coming in from the city is correct.

    As for the flies around the drain, they have to be coming from somewhere else because they couldn’t survive underwater for a long time. The first freeze should kill them off though.

  8. We’ve had terribly weak water pressure ever since moving into LFE over two years ago. Especially compared to residents on the west side of 24 where the water pressure is ridiculously strong.

  9. No problems on my side of LFE.

  10. Bug man here. Drain flies originate from a broken drain line. Have seen it happen in new houses when there is a break somewhere in the drain/sewer line. Only way to END the infestation is to repair the break. Gnats come in from the outside and will lay their eggs in the sludge (yes all drians have sludge in them) inside the drains OR in trash cans that have not been washed. Using an enzyme, like Drano, will remove the sludge from the drain and after about 4 to 6 weeks, the sluge will be removed and take the unhatched eggs down the drain. Make sure that sinks and showers that are not regularly used have water poured down their drains every week. The “P” traps will become dry and that is a direct route for drain/sewer flies to come into the structure. Have seen indoor plants get fungus gnats and people mistake them for run of the mills gnats. These occur when a plant has been watered too much and the excess water collects in the overfill and is not dumped. The fungus grows in the dirt and the gnats feed from that. Only remedy is to avoid over watering and kill adults (the ones that fly) with any fly spray.

    Hope any of this is helpful.

  11. I just moved in on Lake Forest Dr (right next to neighbors from hell, so I’m told) and during the closing process (while the home inspector was checking everything out) I complained about low water pressure.

    Coming from the west side of 24 at Harding, I loved the water pressure; mucho excellente! (so to speak); and was disappointed with the pressure at my new house.

    nothing that a flathead screwdriver, 1/2″ crescent wrench, and about 30 seconds at the water regulator outside my house couldn’t fix. flow and pressure are great now.

    The city said everyone on the street had the same problem, it’s likely that the builders were the same ones for all the houses ten years ago, I suggest you go take a look at your water regulator; can’t recall if they’re reverse-threaded, but turning the screw IN (down) turns the pressure up.

  12. I live near where Lake Forrest meets Bill Stewart. Our water main has broken towards the end of the street I would say at least 4 times this year. This is phase 1 or 2 of this development and I’m beginning to suspect use of substandard materials for the mains. Seriously, in the last few years, from my home down to the end of the street, everyone has had their yard dug up at least once to repair a broken main. This just happened the weekend before last. I’m thinking of seeking reimbursement for the $35 water filter I have to buy every time it breaks because it puts all sorts of dirt and grit in the water lines.

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