Some Fire Hydrants Don’t Work

On the heels of Ivy’s question about water pressure, I just saw on Channel 5 News that several fire hydrants in Lake Forest Estates are not functional.

Paint colors denote the hydrant’s water pressure.  “The gray ones are either low flows or the ones that have been marked to be repaired,” Erwin said. “There is a few of the gray ones that are not workable.”

Here’s the link to Channel 5.

On a side note, ever notice the little blue reflectors inserted in the center of roads around here?  When you see one, look around because you’ll see a fire hydrant close by. 

6 Responses

  1. isn’t that just lovely! I think the one outside my house is gray. Just another wonderful reason to live in la vergne. :)

  2. The one by my house is painted entirely black, does that mean it works, or not? Oy.

  3. What does it mean when the top is painted one color and the “body” another color? I’ve seen all kinds of combos today…and it seems that most of the hydrants on the east side of I-24 don’t have a cute little blue reflector…or was I just traveling on the “wrong” streets?

  4. Here on Sanders Dr, I live only 3 blocks from the tower and had to install a water pressure booster in our home in order to take a shower. The water pressure is a problem and I would be interested to know exactly why the hydrants do not work. I am sure there are some insurance companies interested, too. Hopefully the city is not sued before repairs are made on the hydrants.

  5. As far as the city being sued, the city does not run the fire department. The fire department is owned by La Vegne Fire Department, Inc. The only way the city could be on the hook is if LFD Inc told LV the water pressure was too low at these hydrants and LV refused to fix them.

    I don’t know why the particular color scheme is chosen, but I have been it has to do with pressure.

    That’s interesting to hear of pressure problems on Sanders, because I live at the very end of the LV water line and we have great pressure.

  6. Wish that only responsiable parties are named in a lawsuit. When a lawsuit is filed, anyone associated with the problem is named as a defendant..even if they have no direct relationship to the situation. The cost to defend a lawsuit is not recouped when it is won as a defendant.

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