Spurring Debate

I love going online to read news … my favorites are Google news, CNN, MSNBC, the Daily News Journal, M’boro Post, and The Tennessean.  dnj.gifI don’t always have the time to check all of these every single day, but did go to DNJ.  Imagine my surprise when I read today’s column by Sam Stockard talking about the goal of the opinion page: to spur debate.  It tickled my funnybone that Mr. Stockard mentioned my quasi-monthly column.

I’ve been thinking about what to write about next time – something that will spur debate.  Should I talk about government?  Schools?  Roads?  Retail?  Law enforcement?  What’s on your mind, LaVergne?  Please chime in and let us know what you’re thinking about.  And remember, all the really interesting items will be elevated to their own posts!

5 Responses

  1. work place discrimination??? hmmm could be a good one for you!

    You could write about government and how they just give raises every year without an evaluation. A 3% raise to everyone seems wrong to me why not Give rases based on how they perform???

    How corrupt is the law enforcement?

    Why cant Lavergne get more retail?

    Many more come to mind but I will let others weigh in…

  2. The biggest concern I have right now as a La Vergne resident is what’s going to happen to our city once “new construction” dries up.

    I already see a huge increase in the number of homes for rent. Renters typically do not care about taking care of their home, so add to that the fact that the City has no regulation whatsoever in regards to parking in your yard, and I see the city being a huge dump in 10 years.

    The young people who moved to La Vergne to take advantage of the starter homes will have moved off to Mt. Juliet, Smyrna and Brentwood to raise their families. That means these “starter homes” will rented out to families that for some reason have 10 cars all parked in the dirt where a lawn use to be.

    Major retail never has and never will come here simply because we are too close to Smyrna and Antioch. There is about to be major retail developement around Starwood, another detraction from LV.

    As you can see, I’m not painting a rosy picture. This city doesn’t want to be anything more than a country industrial town, and when the opportunity came where people wanted to move out here and build up big time, the city blew it and let Amnon destroy everything. I’ve had too many people tell me that it’s too late for La Vergne, that we are on a path to becoming Antioch and there’s no way out. That’s what I think you’re next column should be about.How can La Vergne be more like Smyrna and less like Antioch?

  3. It concerns me when I hear about codes and restrictions concerning a piece of property that is not in a developement with a homeowners association. While I do believe codes should be in place, I don’t want anyone telling me that I cannot park my boat or truck on the grass when we are entertaining. They sit on our poured concrete drive, but because of NO SIDEWALKS and narrow streets that do not lend themselves for street parking, we try to make arrangements for our guests. By the way, my wife would kill me if I hurt our lawn :)

    The city’s webpage has not been updated in several months. The former mayor has more info about her than Erwin does.

    When does the Mayor / Aldermen meet? What other groups are there in the government and when do they meet? What are their responsiabilities? I moved from Glencliff, work during the day in Hendersonville, and cannot find the info on the website. Channel 3 may post it at some point, but I am not watching when it does.

    Is there a place when I can see the purchases the city makes? A summary (minutes) of meetings posted in a manner where I can access them after government hours (ie website)?

    Why did the city spend money on a “’round about?” There seems to an abundance of red lights on ‘boro road, so why not put on on Stones River? Artsey fartsey or $$$ stewardship? Which would you choose?

    Not sure if the hump on Sanders Dr (S. bound) is there to slow traffic or not, but the pot hole-turned-ditch on the North bound lane is turning into a sinkhole.

    By the way, thanks for the turn on to R C Automotive. He helped this Bugman/Shadetree mechanic fix my mom’s van (which is a no no in some communities, but the neighbors do not complain when I help them fix their stuff) by just giving me FREE information over the phone. I had the intention of taking it to him, but he asked me some questions and told me how to fix it and now it works. Cudos to them and please visit them if you need to.

    Well, gotta go back to my plumbing project. Wifey did not appreciate the banging at 4 this morning, so I stopped and read/posted here.

  4. Randel. I should clrify. I’m not concerned about people occasionally parking on their yard. I’m concerned with people using their yard as a regular parking space! I’m am in favor of property rights, but let me make a comparison.

    There’s an old saying that your freedom to punch me ends at the tip of my nose. Well, one persona property ‘rights’ should end where they begin to degenerate their neighbors property values.

    If my neighbor decides today that they no longer want grass, so they kill the yard and spray paint it purple, that would make my property less valuable. That’s where codes should regulate my neighbor.

    Of course I can assure you that the property assesors office wouldn’t take that into consideration when they consider my property to be more valuable!

  5. I have been trying to get codes to have my neighbor remove their wrecked vehicle from their property for two months now. The vehicle is totaled and dangerous to the chidren around here . I spoke with “Mike” at code once and he assured me he would have it dealt with. I have attempted contact with him several times since. Left multiple voice mails and still the car sit in the grass next door.
    These same neighbors brought in a chicken coop and stored live chickens. I called codes and it’s not against codes to have live chickens and a chicken coop in Lake Forest. Wow! That just blows my mind.
    I understand that we all have rights to our property. I’m an active democrat voter. However, there does come a time when we have to consider property value. My little cul-de-sac was well tended then the new neighbors moved in, they kept moving in more people. Now there is no grass, trash all over the yard. It does kinda make you go hmmmm.

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