Not Exactly a Caddy Shack Baby Ruth

Update 2:  Here it is!  And yay – Kathy T. is backing our city officials!  :)  

Update: Still looking for the article to link.

At the end of July, we wrote about the coming lawsuit that Nashville filed against LaVergne, Millersville, and Brentwood to gain higher sewer usage fees (and a backfee of $3 million).  At the board workshop I attended, the attorney retained by the city recommended that LaVegne team with Millersville and Brentwood in their legal representation.

Tomorrow, there will be an article in The Tennessean about the issue.   I said that I felt city officials were being responsible by investigating whether or not LaVergne really owes the money, by seeking legal advice on how to address the lawsuit, and that they shouldn’t just roll over and shell out $3 million without justifiable cause.  Or words to that effect.

I’ll link to the story tomorrow. 


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