Wal-Mart coming to La Vergne?

For those of you who don’t read comments on old posts, you may have missed a prediction I made on the story about surveillence camera’s and road work. I think the retailer that La Vergne is trying to get on Waldron Road is Wal-Mart, and I think that’s a good idea. I just wanted to bring this back to the top so you can tell me, what’s your opinion?


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  1. I would be elated if it was a Meier’s! At this point, I’d take a Michael’s!

  2. wow, I really thought more people would be interested in having a say on this.

  3. Word, dude. Me too. Are we all talked out in LaV? Or maybe we dont’ want to get our hopes up to be let down yet again.

  4. No we’re not talked out. The more I think about this the more I like the idea. The new WM on Nolensville Rd & OHB is AWESOME! If LV could land something like that, I’d be there nearly everyday. It could be a key in getting some other decent retail and eating establishments in the area (Jonathan’s? Are you listening?)

    BTW, WilStan’s has had a “Now Hiring” sign out front since August. What’s the latest on that place? I’m looking forward to see if that could be a real community galvanization point.

    Any info on WilStan’s?

    Once opened, let’s all meet!

    What say you?

    I’m Just Sayin’…..

  5. Once opened, let’s all meet!

    What say you?

    I’d be down. :)

    As far as Walmart coming to LaVergne, I don’t shop there, so it makes me no nevermind whether they come in here or not. A Meier’s would be nifty, though.

  6. Willstan’s Grille opened this past Monday. The menu looks good and is cost efficient. (the 9oz Angus filet is only $15.99) My son attends Kum Sung and last night, Willstan’s was doing an OK business. The smells were good. I think this will be a good weekend to have a Monte Cristo…

    And Taco Bell has only 5 more days until opening…

    And Wally World would be a great thing not only for me but for the city too.

  7. I think Willstan’s Grille is going to be a great addition to La Vergne. Taco Bell is fine, but I would like to see more sit down restaurants and not all fast food all the time.

  8. We ate at Willstan’s last night and were unimpressed. The prices were fair (and they have an 11 AM to 10 PM “happy hour”, with great prices on drinks).. But the food was rather bland, and mostly tasted like it had just been defrosted. The lettuce for my salad was brown and wilted. Maybe they just haven’t been open long enough for me to make a fair judgment, or maybe I just got the wrong dish, but it wasn’t great. Which is disappointing, as my husband and I were pretty excited about a nice sit-down restaurant in the LV. They will surely do good business with the bar crowd, though, with drink prices like they have.

    On the other hand, the service was wonderful!

  9. What are they building next to the Firestone plant?

  10. I still do’nt know what that is going in on Waldron. Unfortunately, today’s announcement of new retail going in on the old starwood site doesn’t encourage me for prospects of more retail in La Vergne.

  11. I got an email about what it is, MichaelinLV:
    The large tract being cleared isn’t for a WalMart (darnit), but for CBM, a contracting firm. Current office is located across from 1st Chance/Transmission Masters.

    • Kathy we do not need another Wal-Mart. That’s a good sign if it isn’t coming. If more industry comes in, that’s good for us! Keeps the taxes low……

      • Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. What we need is retail, not more industry. La Vergne needs more sales tax and business taxes, not just the property taxes that comes in from empty warehouses. I know times are tough and people need jobs, but if we want to keep a lower property tax, we need more retail, not industry.

  12. I’ve heard rumors of a walmart being put in off of sam ridley across the interstate from where the Target is currently. Supposidly, thats why the power lines going down sam ridley are build for building more large stores. I also heard another location for the new wal mart would be down Sam Ridley a little more between Lowe’s and the YMCA. Just rumors though.

  13. One other thing, kinda different thread here, so one of you admin types can do it if you think it’s worthy. But does anyone know anything about the Roxy Movie Theater that is supposed to be off of Sam Ridley by the new Target? They’ve been talking it up for a year now, and I’ve still seen no progress there. I heard they were in a lawsuit with Kohl’s over the height of the cliff wall being the proposed location. (Kohl’s blasted it down lower than they were supposed to)Just wondering if anyone new anything about this. Enjoy ;)

  14. And if that’s the case, it would certainly be a shame for La Vergne to yet again ignore the retail.

    What about widening Old NAshville highway and putting retail there? There is a TON of space for a Wal-Mart type devlopement.

  15. As for the theater, that place is going to get built. They spread the gravel sometime last week. There was a story that it’s now the only theater being built in Smyrna.

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