What Do You Know About the Driftwood?

A reader posted a comment asking,

I’m doing a little research on the Driftwood Inn halfway/transition center.  Can you give me some insight on where to look to find more information about it?  Who runs it?  Partnerships?  Community benefits? etc…..

Frankly, I don’t know anything at all about it.  Without starting a riot, does anyone have any information they can share?


21 Responses

  1. all i can say is stay away from there…lol…i have heard bad things about the place.

  2. I wish it would go away. I’ve been told it never will. However, I think it would make the perfect location for a Kroger or some other kind of grocery store where the City would make money and residents could have that type of store on that side of La Vergne without having to go to Smyrna or to the innards of La Vergne to buy the basics.

  3. Nothing good comes from the “No Tell Motel”…

  4. “Transition Center”


  5. “Without starting a riot, does anyone have any information they can share?”

    Let me put down my pitch fork and torch for a minute and respons. Isn’t this the same hotel that doesn’t pay their water bill? Why can’t we close this place? Ok, I’ve got my torch and pitch fork ready.

  6. Ok, put leave the torch on the ground…..for later, but keep the pitch fork for now and scare up some answers. What exactly is the place for and who runs it? Does it have a church affiliation or government backing? I think is the question. Somebody knows something about the place….

  7. All I know is that the residents are relatively scary, cross the street in dark clothes (making it very hard to see them with headlights), buy lots of beer and ice cream…and have begun venturing further up the hill…

  8. Found some info about 12 pages into a Google address search:


    Excerpted from the website description:

    Lifetime Recovery provides a sober living environment with access to an impreive array of services and resources. shelter, food, clothing, employment, community, ID, 12 step, health transportation, mental health, supervision, security, meetings, sponsorship, fellowship, spiritual guidence, participation

    -Website registered in June of 2003

    Not sure if this is the same guy or not but the administrators name is Dale Nergenah; in the Murfreesboro Post’s Sept 15, 2007 paper (http://www.murfreesboropost.com/news.php?viewStory=6488) there is a Dale E. Nergenah, arrested for DUI (fifth offense).

    If its the same person, he doesn’t attend his own meetings.

  9. What about calling your mayor to see if he can explain this? Ronnie SHOULD be able to answer this question for the citizens. I know it’s supposedly a trasitional facility (drugs/alcohol rehab, I think) but I do not know who is supposed to be in charge. I don’t know what the residents of the facility do or who is watching them. I think the water bills are still behind (maybe not). I’m wondering about all the trailers parked in front of the place – is this property zoned as such to allow for this parking of these trailers and what is the purpose? Guess Ronnie should be able to answer this, too – if not we have a bigger problem than Driftwood Inn.

  10. I emailed the city publicist Angie Mayes this afternoon to ask what she knew. I haven’t heard back from her, but for all I know she’s out of the office today. I’ve asked her to reply or post a comment on this thread.

  11. All I can tell you is that we’ve lived in Woodland Hills S/D for 18 years, and problems at the Driftwood have gotten progressively worse over the years. LaVergne police are either there or across the street at Mapco several times a week. Alot of our neighbors (and me, too) used to let our kids walk down to Mapco or the neighboring strip center, but no more. In fact, we don’t go near the place at all after dark. The issue has supposedly been on the agenda of the last several mayors, but to my knowledge, nothing has ever been done. Personally, I’d love to see the darn thing torn down, even if nothing is ever built there again.

    And by the way, one of my neighbors parks his trailer there on weekends. He told me that he approached the Driftwood’s manager several weeks ago and was given the okay to park there. Now whether the property is zoned for that, I don’t know, but I agree it definitely looks lousy!

    I’ll be very curious to see what response you get from Angie Mayes!

  12. Can we add the Weekly rentals and the trailer park next to the police station as halfway/transition housing? The police are there every week also.

  13. Know who owns the “Weekly Rentals”; know who runs it; know who works there? Ask your mayor & aldermen — you probably won’t be surprised, but it could answer a lot of queestions as to why they are allowed . . .

  14. I know who owns, the the camp ground, week rentals and the townhomes at the corner and the police officer that run it…. are they tied into Driftwood?

  15. One of the perks for those living there is unlimited long distance so they can talk to family. Some I’ve met who knows someone who lives there was telling them this morning that their long distance service has been cut due to a $6000 bill for last month (I think).

    One of the residents was calling a porn chat line. Is porn re-hab on the list of services they have to offer?

  16. To michaelinLV – Did you ever hear back from Angie Mayes?
    I suspect not. She’s very nice in person, but doesn’t seem to return phone calls or e-mails.

  17. New Retailers in La Vergne, down from the new Dominos the Discount Beer & Tobacco are selling Marijuana pipes, would be nice to see some drug paraphernalia laws passed in La Vergne, where retailers can not sell drug paraphernalia inside La Vergne City Limits.

  18. ceedee-why are they allowed to what,own a legetimate tax paying business.maybe you should know more of what your talking about before you start

    walper-no they are not tied onto driftwood

    mike-that is untrue as well ,they offer free local calling to there residents

  19. Walper, you will need to stop smoking Marijuana before they pass the * pipes* law that you are asking about, And ofcourse that will be very hard on you due to your alcohol problems. LMAO

  20. We use to have a nice new laundry mat right up the hill from it till eveything in in was broken in to and it was torn all up cant say for sure it was them but if I had to guess I believe it was now its closed and we have to go on the other side of la vergne to that one glad I got my dryer fixxed.

  21. i have been in the program at lifetime and it has done me alot of good.it takes a couple to ruin it for people that are serious about recovery and changing there life around.i would go back there in a heartbeat.it all comes down to how bad you want to get help!

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