School Fundraisers Addressed in Latest Column

I submitted another column to the DNJ this week in response to the recent complaints about school fundraisers.  I was very surprised it was published this fast.  You can read it here

I don’t know why, but I always get nervous when a column is published.  Kind of like when your boss says, “Could you come in my office for a moment?”  Then, “Close the door.”  Eeep.  You just don’t know what you’re in for!  Ha.


5 Responses

  1. Great article. My child just started the new LaVergne Lake and we got bombarded right at the beginning of the year with fundraisers along with other stuff. We had to give money for classroom supplies, class t-shirt, scholastic book, smart cards, another fundraiser and fall festival. Of course, they were selling shirts for the school also. It was alot to handle in the 1st month of school. At least the money goes directly to the school and not the whole school system.

  2. Someone posted on the DNJ comments that it costs more to send kids to public school than private schools, and yet public schools still need fundraisers. Do you have any stats on that?

    Also, does anyone know what’s going on across from Midas on Waldron road? They are clearing a huge tract of land…

    … about the size of a Wal-Mart?

  3. Awesome article….you’re pretty brave to be taking on such a controversial area….as always, you’re my hero….in more ways than one!

  4. According to today’s DNJ, Rutherford County received $6,747 per student in Rutherford County Schools. That’s before fundraisers are added in.

    What’s interesting is that I can send my kid to Lancaster Christian Academy in Smyrna for only $4,500. Why does it cost more to educate kids in public schools than in the private sector? And according to LCS’ website, 75% of the private schools they compared to charge at or less than the state’s average to educate a child.

    This is why vouchers are not popular politically. Beacuse if I was able to get the money spent on my kid and take them to private school, my child would get a better education and I could pocket $2,200. Where is the extra money going, teachers unions?

  5. Too many people to pay in the public school system. When you consider all of the administrators, assistants (everyone has to have one in the public arena), etc. that take a salary from the taxes, the money gets thin by the time it gets to where it should be…the children and teachers. Our church had an academy that the tuition was half of the estimated cost of public school, mainly because there was no upper administration. I am for public education, but believe the salaries of upper administrators has gotten out of hand. But I also feel that way about most all “public servants”, so maybe my view is tainted.


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