Confederate Flag in LaV Subdivision

An article in today’s Daily News Journal is one that I believe deserves discussion on this forum.  A homeowner in the Stonehenge subdivision in LaVergne (off of Old Jefferson Pike) installed a pole and raised a Confederate flag.  In the article, one neighbor is offended but another is not.  The homeowner says the flag is there to show his southern pride and nothing else.

There are numerous issues that come into discussion with his flag.  The obvious one is the symbolism of “white supremacy” offered by the confederate flag.  While the homeowner calls it pride in the south, the clear majority of Americans directly associate it with the bloody Civil War in which the South fought to keep a race of people enslaved. 

I am so over racism, people.  I think we are enriched by a diversity of ideas and cultures.  We need to stop trying to figure out how we’re different and start looking at how we’re alike.  Getting on my soap box, if people from ALL cultures treat each other wth dignity and respect, maybe we could finally focus on things like making higher education available for all students, affordable health care, eliminating poverty.

But on the other hand, because we live in a nation that relishes our freedom, that homeowner has every right to fly the Confederate flag.   If he wants people to believe he’s a racist and not just proud to be a Southerner, he has that right.  On a personal level, my preference is to fly the U.S. flag to show that I have pride in the United States of America.  But it’s my choice to fly the U.S. flag just as it’s his choice to fly the one he chooses. 

It’s a slippery slope, but is the freedom to wave a symbol of oppression more important or does the community dictate what he does, thereby running the risk of giving up our own freedoms if the community in the future doesn’t like something. 

I welcome any comments on this issue, but please comment with dignity and respect.  I want to remind you of the terms of use … any comments attacking someone will be deleted, just as I will delete comments that I view as hate-mongering.  Let’s keep it civil.


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  1. I think the flag doesnt stand for racism…It is history that it stands for. There was even a black man I saw on cnn a few months ago that has been going around to cities informing people that it is history that the flag represents and he was even an old naacp president. People seem to yell the racism card way to much and if people would just love each other then everything would be fine!! ….enough said from me……..

  2. :YAWN:

  3. I think the homeowner feels how I used to feel, in that the stars and bars flag is not a symbol of racism but a symbol of heritage. I even own a replica stars and bars.

    But I would not fly that flag. Why? Because unfortunately white supremacy groups have turned it into a symbol of racism and hate. I also don’t like the fact that he flies that flag alone. If he flew it below the american flag, I think no one would care.

  4. I find the absolute horror against the flag as a symbol of slavery rather disengenious. Slavery did not start and end under the stars and bars. That flag stood for an ideal that was complex and did have under it’s umbrella of beliefs the idea that states have the right to choose, or not to choose slavery.

    Slavery existed so much longer under the more common stars and stripes. The flag that so many fly as a symbol and icon of freedom.

    If we are to base our dislike or admiration of this flag based only on the single issue of slavery, then we would be dishonest to ourself and to history to not have vitriolic hatred for the flag that flies from poles in front ofmost government and school buildings.

    To say the flag equals racial hatred simplifies history to the “see dick run, run dick run” level of historical knowledge.

    I say let the man fly his flag in peace, and as they labelled adulterers with the infamous Scarlet Letter ‘A’, we can use the flag to properly label people of an ilk that we would have no desire to deal with, do business with, or even let our children know.

    Let the flag fly to protect us from self-labelled fools.

  5. I’m in agreement with Gunner. Let the man fly his flag. You know what I think of when I see the confedarate flag flown? I think of history and Alabama. I see no color, no race. I see history.

    People, like kathy said, if we focused more on positive efforts and less on negative energy we would move more closer on improving our lives and that of our children

  6. Being raised in North Dakota, I guess I’m a little unusual in my thoughts when I see the Confederate flag.

    I see a 1972 Chevy 4 wheel drive short-bed with an Easy Rider Rifle Rack in the back window and a driver wearing a Budweiser hat and a Lynyrd Skynyrd tour t-shirt yelling “YEEEEEHAAWWW” as he muds up the front license plate, which just happens to be the stars’n’bars.

    Can’t really see anything wrong with that.

    I’m Just Sayin’….

  7. Black history month must teach these children to hate the Confederate States of America and their Flag. They must teach this suppression theory of revised history.

    How can we put a stop to this false history of our ancestors?

    Why can’t we have equal time. Why are blacks being taught to hate their own roots. Not all black people have been played the fool, they just don’t have the dollars, media exposure, and government support to get the truth out there.

    Al sharpton is a fraud. He uses anything to play the race card. He knows not a speck of history or he would know that the senate in 1939 approved a bill that all Confederate Veterans were to be considered veterans of the USA with all Veteran privileges. Now he attacks their flag! We are sick and tired of this 1991 naacp mandate and we consider it a hate crime on Southern Confederate Americans!

    Before 1990 you could Wave your Confederate Flag anywhere and sing Dixie. What changed after 1990? In 1991, the NAACP, which had long been a civil rights organization espousing equality, tolerance, and appreciation of the heritage of others, passed a national resolution that shows how it has become as intolerant and discriminatory as its former enemies had been. The wording of that national resolution is as follows:


    1. Resolution abhorring the Confederate Battle Flag on State Flags Approved WHEREAS, the tyrannical EVIL symbolized in the Confederate Battle Flag is an abhorrence to all Americans and decent people of this country, and indeed the world and is an ODIOUS BLIGHT upon the universe; and, WHEREAS, African-Americans, had no voice, no consultation, no concurrence, no commonality, not in fact nor in philosophy, in the vile conception of the Confederate Battle Flag or State Flags containing the UGLY symbol of idiotic white supremacy, racism and denigration; and, WHEREAS, we adamantly reject the notion that African-Americans should accept this flag for any stretch of the imagination or approve its presence on State Flags; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the national office of the NAACP and all units commit their legal resources to the removal of the Confederate Flag from all public properties.”

    As horrible as this is, they didn’t stop there! The Jihad continues every minute of every day in every influential avenue at their command – they will not be satisfied until the cultural genocide is complete and we have paid with the eradication of all things Southernors have held dear, except maybe sweet tea!

    “Let the flag fly to protect us from self-labelled fools.” this statement is just backwards, the Flag Flyers haven’t been played the fool the race card players have.

    There were 10 causes of Lincoln’s War. Google it.

    The War was all about $$$$$ as all wars are! Don’t be played for the fool. Teach thyself!

    John Remington Graham’s “Blood Money – The Civil War and the FEDERAL RESERVE. c2006

    Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. of Minnesota in Banking and Currency, and the Money Trust, c1913. On page 102-103 he says “Rather than assume the care of the slaves, they would control labor with the use of capital……in order that they might enforce upon humanity the industrial slavery that the trusts preferred rather than the chattel slavery which then existed in the Southern States.”

    John Beauchamp Jones (1810-1866) CSA War Clerk’ at the Confederate Capital, Richmond, VA; Editor of the “Madisonian”; Author of “A Rebel War Clerk’s Diary”, 1866; CSA War Clerk’ at the Confederate Capital, Richmond, VA; Editor of the “Madisonian”in his books (1840-1850 novels) tirelessly and repeatedly connected government, business and banking. As early as the 1840s J. B. Jones was warning his readers to follow the money, to observe not only where it was going but where it had come from and what it was being used for.

    Ron Paul in one of the debates said we should do away with the Federal Reserve act of 1913 – so these issues our ancestors died for in their Second War of Independence are still around.

    The CSA would have ended slavery in a responsible way and not Lincoln’s way, Lincoln said “Let Them Root Hog or Die”. (see the 1860 census for freed blacks in the South, men of property in the CSA).

    Video of interview with Sovereign Solutions: H.K. Edgerton, Southern American

  8. In your article you say we are enriched with a diversity of ideas and culture and you are so right from our very beginning. The phase “Live and let Live” was coined by the diverse peoples of the South.

    Then you ruin it by saying: If he wants people to believe he’s a racist and not just proud to be a Southerner…..

    What people? Are you one of the writers who get published and use many… make your point instead of specifics?

    Black Southern Confederate Americans are not in your many….about H. K. Edgerton, Nelson Wimbish, J. J. Johnson, Walter Williams,

    H.K. Edgerton

    “My march is a march of heritage, not one of hate, to bring an awareness of the pride we feel. […] There are folks who look like me who care a lot about Dixie.”

    J.J. Johnson, once a leading militia figure in Ohio, offers running commentary on the Confederate flag issue in his Internet publication, the Sierra Times.

    “I hope some black person is reading this right now and fuming,” he writes in one editorial. “If you think the Confederate flag is insulting to you, you are being used, or as we say it in the hood, you bein’ played — for a fool.”

    Both Edgerton and Johnson see the Civil War in a different way from the activist spin.

    To Edgerton, the Yankees displaced his enslaved forbears from “the place of honor and dignity they earned in the South” and “took their gold.”

    To Johnson, “The enemy will not stop until each and every memory of a time when Americans of all races stood against federal tyranny is totally wiped from the face of the earth.”

    At an April flag rally in Charleston, S.C., Johnson said he wanted “to see this flag over 49 more state Capitols, because it is a symbol of resistance to federal tyranny.”

    Edgerton linked his presence at the rally to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “dream that someday the sons of slaves and sons of former slave owners could sit down at the table of brotherhood.”

    “If every African-American would pick up the Confederate flag,” he proclaims, “I would say, ‘Free at last, free at last, God almighty, I am free at last.'”

  9. I guess I’m kind of with “I’m Just Sayin” because I didn’t grow up in the south – I spent four years in North Dakota, time in Arizona, Indiana, etc. so the Confederate flag has different meaning. I don’t know the full history of the flag – I’ve only seen the negative stuff portrayed on the tubes. So I do appreciate Gunner and Cajiedog for the information.

    But as I said earlier, the message remains out there that the flag stands for oppression for many people and I don’t see that symbolism changing anytime soon. Yet I still defend his right to fly it on his own personal property, just as I would someone’s right to fly the U.S. flag upside down. Afterall, we are still a free country aren’t we?

  10. Yes we are Kathy. Big hug.

    Any news on the next blogger meet? Feeling lonely here in Smyrna.

  11. Hugs back Gunner! Hee-hee. I talked with M. who is thinking about either this Saturday or next Saturday for the meet-up. I’ll shoot her an email and ask!

  12. Arizona and Indiana had Confederate supporters! Arizona not a state yet planned to become part of the Confederate States of America, but they were rapidly taken over by the union much like Missouri without the border warfare. See if you can find some unbiased materials to further your understanding.

    Indiana was pioneered by Southernors with roots in Virginia and the Carolinas and they did not like to see their kin run over and made a third world colony. Also, Ohio. if i remember right it was the governor of indiana who argued against lincoln’s war. So lincoln warned him that the Mississippi was the life blood of their economy and we couldn’t let the Confederate States control it. he through his lot in with the union, but there were many Copperheads (Southern Sympathizers) in indiana and ohio and is to this day. Gen John Morgan, CSA, made his famous raid to free Confederate prisoners with their support.

    I have over a 100,000 genealogy records of my cousins who lived during this period and very few of them served lincoln’s union in the war.

    Obama’s slave owner ancestry on his mother’s side goes back to Maureen Duval 1600s Maryland, as does V. P. Cheney. It is very telling that the Chicago newspaper printed a picture of his black grandmother who he never knew until he was grown, and said nothing about this white grandmother who raised him.

  13. By now most people know and understand the Confederate flag is not a hate symbol itself only to the KKK it is but they also use the Christian flag and the US flag. also the south did not fight to keep slaves they fought for freedom from a powerful government that wanted more and more power.

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