LaVergne Updates

The search continues for Nikki Sisounong, a LaVergne resident who disappeared on Halloween.  Read the full article in The Tennessean.  If you have any information, contact the police.

Brandon Brewer is a very sick young man.  His mother expects to take him back to Pittsburgh this coming week to undergo a procedure that will desensitize him to prepare for transplant surgery. I don’t understand everything this means, but do understand his mother’s message that “He isn’t resting well either as he keeps dreaming that he can’t wake up from sleeping so please also pray that his nightmares go away as well.”  Brandon is afraid to sleep because he keeps dreaming he can’t wake up.  Please please if you can, support this family through these difficult times.   My office has agreed to sponsor Brandon and his family during the holidays, but they really need some financial assistance to offset the costs of his medications as well.  Updates about Brandon are posted by his mother on the Caring Bridge website. 


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  1. Found this on the chamber of commerce website. ‘Supposedly, this is current info on La Vergne, not just an ‘update’ of the 2000 census:

    Is it just me, or is anyone else surprised that only 25% of housing in LV is rental? And what about the median income of $58k, is that really right?

    If these stats are right, we make more money and have less rental property than Smyrna. And they have their own paper???

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