Someone’s Remains Found

While searching for Nikki Sisounong, the remains of a woman were found by a creek.  The remains haven’t yet been identified, but the DNJ reports the police do not believe they belong to Ms. Sisounong.  The person whose body was found had been slain.

In related news, Nikki’s car has been located at the Nashville International Airport.  Also, the guy driving ‘her’ car and withdrawing money in the bank picture has been cleared as a suspect.  That news from Channel 5.

8 Responses

  1. I bet she left her boyfriend because they didnt get along and went out of town…wouldnt suprise me!!

  2. I dount she would have left her son with a guy whom she didn’t get along with. Besides, if you watch enough 48 hours mystery, you’ll realize that most of the time when a car is left at the airport, it’s a signal that the owner was killed but the killer wanted to stage it like she was taking a trip.

  3. Given the way her son cried for his mother on TV, I doubt seriously that she left him or her other child voluntarily. As a Mom, I’d say the same thing. That’s why I’m so scared for this family, and yet holding onto hope for them.

  4. I would be curious to find out if they ever discovered who she was seeing other than her boyfriend.

  5. More human remains found. A second set of bones, also not hers.

    What the heck is going on in LaVergne?

  6. If you watch enough 48 Hours Mystery?!? Wow, some of you folks are just a bit out of touch with reality.

  7. It has not yet been determined if the bones of a woman found Thursday was in fact slain or not.Cause of death has yet to be determined.
    They cannot be that of Ms.Sisounong.The bones found had been there for over a month.She has been missing only for a about 3 weeks an of now.There were reports of a billfold being found but that also has not been announced by the LaVergne Police Dept.
    Tennessee Highway Patrol lab team responded early Friday morning but no details of their finding were anounced.
    My feelings are something had happened to her.I do not think with all of the reports on tv and radio of her missing that she would not contact someone to let them know she is alive and well, but just not willing to return home just yet.
    We should keep her and her family in our prayers during this stressful time.

  8. “Wow, some of you folks are just a bit out of touch with reality.”

    How is watching a documentary news program out of touch with reality. Each episode follows an actual case. I don’t understand what your comment is about.

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