Update:  A commenter said Channel 4 did have the story on its website.  Here’s the link.  After reading it, I’m not sure what I think about it.  Was it a pep talk?  There are many many students of different nationalities who make excellent grades, but they had to hear the pep talk too.   Here’s a link to the video. 

My friend “View” called me this evening and asked if I’d heard what happened at LHS today.  When I dropped off my daughter, I saw Channel 4 News interviewing people a they were being dropped off, but I wasn’t sure what happened or why.

Apparently students were called in BY RACE to the auditorium today to be told how low their test scores were.  First the black students, then the Hispanic.  What?!?!  These students were told BY RACE that their RACE had low test scores. 

I’m very nervous about writing this post because I can abolutely not believe it happened.  I’m hoping someone from the school will respond and explain what we as parents are hearing, that it’s wrong what we’re hearing, and that I can remove this post and apologize for putting it up.  Because if it’s true, WTF LHS?

Does anyone know what happened?


2 Responses

  1. The story is legit.

    It was on channel 4 news.

    I only want to know why the poor white kids who are underperforming weren’t spoken to. Doesn’t anyone care about them?

  2. There’s a report on the WSMV website

    Reads the same as what you’ve been hearing.

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