Brandon’s Latest Challenge

I’ve been talking with Brande Brewer recently about the latest medical challenge her son is facing – and it’s a tough one.  Because of Brandon’s previous transplant, his own antibodies know to fight harder against foreign object and in his case – a new organ.  Brandon begins treatment this week in Pittsburgh to desensitize his body.  It’s a risky treatment that can cause even more serious complications, but it’s a risk worth taking and maybe his only chance at survival.

The Daily News Journal did a very good job in spelling out Brandon’s latest medical news, so go read about it here.  Meanwhile, the family does desperately need more donations to pay for the upcoming procedures (desensitivization, multiple organ transplant), so you’re encoruage to help however you can.  Here’s how:  Donations can be made to First Tennessee Bank, c/o Christopher Brandon Brewer, 770 Nissan Drive, Smyrna, TN 37167.

This is LaVergne, Senna Mosely, and other people with compassion for this family are working on setting up a “bucket brigade” for sometime in December to raise money.  Once the city council / board of aldermen/women approve it (and let’s hope they do), we’ll need volunteers to stand at the four prongs of the intersection at Murfreesboro Road and Stones River Road with their collection buckets.  We’ll post here when it’s scheduled. 

Please keep Brandon and his family in your prayers.


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