Zoning Appeals May Move

The DNJ just reported that Mayor Erwin has under consideration moving the Zoning Appeals board duties to the city’s Planning Commission.  At first glimpse, it makes sense to me.  Read the article here and then let us know what you think!


13 Responses

  1. If you’ve been to one of these board meetings or watched one on channel 3, you’ll see exactly why the board is under consideration to be dissolved. The board members clearly don’t understand their duties. Last week’s meeting resulted in one of the members leaving early in disgust before anything could be voted on. The lawyer has to guide the board’s way, and the members still don’t have a clue as to what’s happening.

    Plus you have the issue of LFE residents voting on issues in neighborhoods on the West side of the interstate and vice versa.

    Leave it up to a real city planner to make these important zoning decisions.

  2. Just another way to let some of the folks get everything they want! The PC gives some all they want & makes others jump thru hoops. The chairman seems to be particularly fond of a certain developer & his cronies. Of course you have the mayor (or his designee) & another alderman on the PC — so it’s probably a shoe in. Some of the decisions already made by the PC are very questionable — check out the mast building which does not appear to follow how it was approved in the first place — why let them decide variances, etc.? Why would you need variances on 10 lots — sounds like very poor planning OR was it smart planning knowing that they’d get what they wanted when the time came to build!!! Something does not smell right here — but it’s La Vergne!

  3. Doesn’t the city have a master plan? If so, what purpose does the planning commisison serve? Seems like that one should be dissolved and keep BOZA to hear requests for variances from the master plan.

  4. Master Plan — what a joke! As far as the BOZA members voting on areas outside of where they live, that would be the case as well with the Planning Commission (PC) — they would not live in all the areas in consideration. That should not be a variable in the equation. However the BOZA board should get their meeting materials more than 2 days before a meeting so that they can visit the areas they are making decisions on & they should have time to study the requests carefully as it affects others’ properties. There appears to be no follow up by the city to make sure the lots are built as approved anyway. City Planner — do we still have one? There is such a big turn over in city planners & engineers that one can’t keep up with them. It seems when they get one who actually tries to make all adhear to the same rules, they don’t last long in this city. I have heard that a certain developer has bought 24 homes from Harvest Homes in LFE for “rentals” — If you will notice, you see more “homes for rent” advertised around town than homes for sale. Section 8 housing is here, folks & I’ve had more than one person tell me that. What we need is a board who will ENFORCE what we already have in our rules & regs. But I’m afraid not on this watch!!!!

  5. I thought section 8 housing was property owned by the government. I don’t see La Vergne buying 24 houses. We don’t even have money to widen our busiest street!

    As far as homes for rent, it’s not just La Vergne, it’s everywhere. Houses aren’t selling as quick or for as high of prices, so owners who moved are forced into landlording.

  6. No, section 8 is not necessarily owned by the government. Landlords – I think – are subsidized by the government when they accept tenants who qualify for housing assistance.

  7. well that sucks!

  8. Sec 8 is owned by private individuals/companies that receive payment from the government in addition to the payment made by the tenant. The amount the tenant pays is based on their income and household size and the governments portion is based on a scale. These properties are supposed to have scheduled inspections by the governments housing agency, but most inspectors are too busy running “complaints” from the tenants. If a tenant complains about a problem with the property, the inspector must come out and see the issue and address with the owner the issue. The owner is given a deadline to improve the situation, otherwise the government funding is withheld. I have dealt with several Sec 8 owners over the years and MOST go into the situation with a “helping heart” attitude because so many of the recipients of this program require help. Unfortunately, tenants will damage the property, not pay their portion of the rent, and cause frustration on the owners part to a point they give up. It takes a court order to get these tenants evicted, since the large portion of their rent IS being paid.

    Many Sec 8 tenants do a good job keeping up the property but the ones that abuse the system are the ones that give the situation a bad name. I have seen units trashed beyond belief in only 4 months and the owner is the one that bears the financial responsibility and physical burden of getting their property ready to rent again. A $250 deposit does not cover the cost of repairing holes in the wall, trash strewn through the house, dead grass from oil spills in the yard, carpet replacement from excessive pet odors and feces, etc. The program would be excellent if the tenants were held to standard equal to the owner in the upkeep of the property…but the government doesn’t seem to be concerned with the living conditions and habits of the tenants as much as they are about a owner repairing a heat unit that the tenant’s child poured water into during a fit of rage.


  9. Is there a way to find out how many section 8 houses there are currently in LV?

  10. Try calling 231-1111 & see if they can supply the info on Section 8 houses — they probably have a good handle on it! Hint, hint — who rents the most houses in La Vergne??? From what I understand the board did not allow anyone to speak about doing away with the BOZA board last night, nor did they even bother to inform the BOZA members of the meeting. A lot of questions were brought up by alderman Mosley, but NO ONE answered her questions — what’s with that! Folks those of you who voted for them should be asking for accountabilty from those in office. There is definitely something going on here . . . You have a mayor (or HIS disignee), an alderman, and a couple of PC members who certainly seem to show favoritism to a certain developer & builders, and a couple of PC members who don’t seem to know what they are doing making decisions that could affect your own property. It looks like ETHICALLY this is a very bad & questionable decision by this M/A board. But then again some of those now serving in my opinion don’t make very ethical decisions. When whole departments are wined & dined by developers & builders, one cannot but surmise that special treatment might go in favor of that developer or builder. When these folks won’t answer questions from their own board members, you can bet there’s a hidden agenda going on. There will be another meeting next Tue. @ 5:00 — call Bruce Richardson today or Mon. (offices closed Thur. & Fri.) and ask to be put on the agenda to speak & ask questions. You have that right. Don’t blow it!

  11. Who is at number is 231-1111? Also, I’m guessing no decision was made regarding the BOZA? I don’t know how I feel about this one way or another.

    Question: Can we still consider La Vergne an “Affluent Suburb?” When I moved here in 2003, the answer was a definitive YES, but now with so many issues regarding rental property, questionable decisions by our leaders, declining home values, and the lack of self respect shown by many property owners… it makes me wonder.

  12. ooops — sorry, that should be 213-1111 . . . signs all over advertising.

  13. In the subject “In Which We Respond To Comments” There was a similar discussion. This is a quote (comment #22) left by Angie Mayes on March 28

    “I can’t speak for Mr. Shreibman about the Weekly Rentals being repainted. You’d have to check with his office (I think it’s 213-1111) to find out more about the Weekly Rental/Campground area, both of which he owns.”

    Does that answer your question?

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