Music City Suburbs

The Tennessean published what I consider a very interesting article today about the suburbs of Nashville.  The reporter talked about LaVergne, Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, and Mt. Juliet and how each of the towns cities dealt with growth during the huge expansions of the last 10 years.  As a relative newcomer to this area, I do wish there were more sources then like this blog now to do some research on where we finally planted our roots.

I am glad to see Mayor Erwin is saying LaVergne is more focused now on retail:

As La Vergne moves ahead, city officials are planning for a different type of growth — more retail, more restaurants and even more housing.

Sandwiched as it is between commercial developments in neighboring Nashville and Smyrna, it can be hard for La Vergne to catch the eye of major chains. It was a big deal for the city to attract its first Taco Bell this year.

City planners are eyeing land south of Interstate 24 for new residential development. This time, they are encouraging developers to plan for less density.

“We’ve got enough small homes on smaller lots. There’s nothing wrong with it, with being small, it’s just we’ve got a lot of it,” Erwin said.

However, the “even more housing” comment kind of frosted my butt.  My advice, don’t just encourage developers to plan for less density – demand it, require it, insist upon it.  This is YOUR town and YOUR planning commission, and YOU ARE working for the people who already live here.  So do what the people ask you to do.  Now my directive would be for YOU THE PEOPLE to contact the city and tell them exactly what you want.  Show up at their meetings, call your aldermen and alderwomen, contact your mayor.

Here’ how:

Call City Hall at 793-6295 and ask to speak to whatever elected official is present.  Failing that, call them directly at home or on their cel phones:
Mayor Ronnie Erwin 793-6295
Vice Mayor & Economic Development Chair Jerry Gann 566-5517 
Alderwoman Sherry Green 793-6982 
Alderwoman Senna Mosely 793-2469
Alderman Dennis Waldron 397-7027

And one last suggestion, could you PLEASE put on the LaVergne web page WHEN public meetings are scheduled?!  I’ve search for the last 20 minutes trying to find when the workshops are scheduled, as well as regular board meetings.  Though I’m certain this is just an oversight (ahem), it rather gives the impression that you want to keep the public out.  I did click on your calendar, LaVergne, and the only date with an event marked was January 1, 2008.  It said “New Year’s Day.”  

Thank you and come again.


3 Responses

  1. Can anyone confirm a Kroger in the old Bilo Building, I am hearing rumors about it all over the place. Today I heard they will be there in about 6 months.

  2. I heard a rumor also, but don’t put faith in rumors. IF it is true, however, it’ll be fantastic news! I LUV KROGER! Let’s go Krogering…

    I did have an epiphany the other day. I believe LaVergne should actively try to recruit a fabric store like JoAnn’s Fabrics or Hancocks. To my knowledge, they have JoAnn’s in Cool Springs and at the end of Couchville in Mt. Juliet. Hancocks is in M’boro and I don’t know where else.

  3. An easy commute to Nashville……

    Um, maybe he needs to ride with me on my way to work in the mornings. I am sure he would change that comment.
    I’m not sure about the rest of you but my 20 mile drive to work takes over an hour each morning. That is if everything goes smoothly. If there is an accident you can automatically add an additional 30 minutes.

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