Way to Go, LHS

I want to offer warm congratulations to the three LHS students who participated in tonight’s National Vocabulary Championship, sponsored by the Game Network, The Princeton Review, and Comcast.  Katie Clarke, Casey Bohn, and my own Hillary Tyson represented LHS in the contest (set up like a game show).  Of 16,000 kids in the middle Tennessee area, the students with the top 100 scores were invited to participate.

Although none of the three made it to the final round, our students were extraordinary!  Katie answered nearly every question correctly, but one person in her group scored one point ahead of her so she didn’t advance.  My daughter made it to the sudden death round and regrets not pushing her answer button quickly enough once, thereby not making the final round.  And Casey made a fantastic effort as well – and boy did he have some really tough words!

So kudos to our three amazing students!  If you’re up late, Fox News and Chanel Four were there doing stories.  Also, thanks to Ms. Trobaugh for her help and support.

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  1. Good going, Hil!

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