Woman’s Identity Sought

Update: This article in the DNJ has more photos.  Also, a link to the article about Nikki Sisounong’s boyfriend murderer being arraigned.

Police are trying to identify the woman whose body was found off Hollandale Road while searching last month for another missing woman.  Nikki Sisounong’s body was found near Clarksville, Tenn., but the remains found in LaVergne have yet to be identified.

Jewelry Ch 4In an effort to learn who she was, photos of the jewelry found at the scene are being released, according to the Daily News Journal.  WSMV’s Channel 4 also has a video of the story here.

If anyone recognizes a cat bracelet made by Avon, two rings, and another bracelet, you are urged to contact the police.


4 Responses

  1. It’s interesting that Chief Boyd said they don’t believe the woman is from La Vergne. Why would an ou-of-towner dump a body there?

  2. michaelinLV,
    The same question is probably being asked by those living in Clarksville as to why was Ms. Sisounong’s body left in their town.It’s always sad but also intresting when a body is found.
    Who,why,how,when and where this person is from.It would take a lot of effert by the police when a body is found to unravel all of these questions,also giving the killer a lot of headstart for being apprehended sooner.
    If you and anyone else in LaVergne would like to know more about our police departments happenings I encourage you to buy a scanner and listen to it.Our officers are dedicated to protecting everyone and always are very busy.
    Also,why now join the LaVergne Citizens Police Academy?
    You will learn about everythnig our officers have to be able to do to be proficent in their jobs.It is a 10 week class that meets 1 night a week at the LaVergng police station.It is given by Sgt.Carl McMillen.He can be reached by e-mail at:
    cmcmillen@lavergne.org. I highly recomend this class to everyone who cares about our great city and its hard working police and fire departments.

  3. Are there any updates on this?

  4. I haven’t heard anything except they’ve sent her remains to a forensics(?) place for facial reconstruction. I’m sure when they get a “face” back, we’ll hear more.

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