Open Letter to Kroger

Dear Kroger Powers That Be,

There’s a little rumor flying around our town of LaVergne (population 27,000’ish) that you’ve expressed interest in an empty storefront.  We want you to know how badly the residents of our city want you here.  You with your in-house pharmacy, bakery, flower shoppe, deli, and meat counter would be a perfect match for us.  We would shower you with adoration.  More importantly, we would shower you with business. 

We do have two other groceries in town.  One is a popular store well known for its high quality meat.  The other is often used because of its convenience to a big big big subdivision.  Did we tell you that LaVergne is home to the biggest subdivision in the state, and maybe even the southeastern U.S.?  See?  Our population is plentiful enough to support three groceries!

Kroger, I have my Kroger Plus card both on my keychain and in my wallet.  I often take advantage of the 10 cents off gas when I spend a hundred bucks.  I like your 10 for $10 deals because who doesn’t like to buy something for just a buck.  And the Kroger brand! Ahhh the Kroger brand!  Your cereal, cheese, pasta, and ice cream have caused the breakdown of my self-discipline and thereby weight gain.  But you also offer salads, and ummmm…. yes Salads!  And dressing!  The only brand you make that I don’t like is your spaghetti sauce, but that was 22 years ago since I tried it so it may be better now.

In any case, Kroger, we want you.  We need you.  We want your digital camera kiosks to print our photos.  We want your pharmacy to get our $30 flu shots.  We love your holiday aisle.  And your school and offices supplies.  Plus you may be the closest thing we’ll ever have to a book store in our town.  Maybe you could even expand to add a craft section! 

Kroger, Kroger, Kroger.  Please come to us.  Be here for us when we’re happy.  When we’re sad.  When we’re excited.  When we’re gloomy.  And we’ll be here for you, too!  Please be “My Kroger”. 

Lets go Krogering,

This is Lavergne dot com

LAVERGNE CITIZENS!  Please comment below if you’d like to see Kroger come to where the old Bi-Lo was located!


16 Responses

  1. YES!!!

    …or…blow down the Driftwood Inn and put one there! ;)

  2. I second that motion!!!

    But the old Bi-Lo site works for me too…

  3. Kroger would be welcome. We definitely have the revenue and people to support the location. I have my registered Kroger card at the ready. And just so we don’t look like a bunch of kids on the internet…I am a 40 year old male with a wife, child, dog, car and two cars.

  4. Kroger, Kroger, that’s our store. Come to our town, come to our town, We want more!!!!!

  5. Funny, before this conversation ever came up, my husband was saying that he wished a Kroger’s would move into that spot. Yesterday I asked him if he’d heard the rumor about it, and he said no – he hadn’t heard anything about it. He was apparently just thinking (wishing) along the same lines as everyone else.

  6. Does this rumor have any legs? I’d love to see this happen!

    However, the size of the available space might be a problem as it is smaller than the current Kroger store footprint. Unless Kroger buys out some of the other retailers in the building or develops a secondary footprint (i.e. – Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market), I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

  7. A Kroger would be perfect for that spot. I love to shop at Kroger, and having one there would be so convenient since I live so close to that area.

  8. I’m Just Sayin… makes a good point. The space is not large enough for a Kroger as it is now. The parking lot and the building is too small. They would have to level the existing structure, and build further back on the lot for a Kroger to work.

  9. Have you been to the Kroger in Antioch? It’s about the same size as the old Southern Food Mart. It also in a shopping center with very little parking. If there was ample amount of parking for Southern, then there is plenty of parking for Kroger.

  10. I heard today that Kroger is considering the buliding and that if they did move in, they would take all the space except the side that kelly’s and el rodeo are on.

  11. Where, oh where, are y’all hearing all this good stuff?
    From my perspective, on South Waldron Road, it looks pretty bleak…

  12. I hope you’re planning on sending your letter to Kroger…it’s absolutely perfect, and I’m sure it will be well-received! I don’t even live in LaVergne, but now want a Kroger there due to your plea! Send it, send it, send it…LaVergne should have a Kroger!

  13. Maybe if we showed some personal pride in our city, we could get more places like Kroger to come here

    Murfreesboro has approved an ordinance to make it illegal to park on your grass.

    Yes, we’ve discussed this before, but in my opinion this is one of the top 3 reasons LFE has turned into a dump. I support property rights, but when your tore up yard next door brings down my property values, it’s no longer about your property rights, it’s about mine too

  14. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the personal pride thing, michaelinLV.

    michaeal said: “Maybe if we showed some personal pride in our city, we could get more places like Kroger to come here”

    It’s kinda like dating…if you don’t take a shower, wear deodorant, and take a minimal amount of pride in your appearance, you’re likely not going to get many hotties asking for your number! :-)

  15. Agreed. There was a house full of “custom car builders” in LFE that had a dirt yard. They seem to have moved.

    And, hey…where else can you tan, get your nails done, new wiper blades installed, cheap smokes, and see 50 different kinds of business architecture on one road? La La La Vergne.

    (OK so that isn’t a great selling point. Maybe we should stick to the point of having 27000 potential customers… :-) )

  16. I do wish the most current BOZA and Planning Commission Minutes and Agendas were up and available on the City of LaVergne’s web site quicker. Then you could hush all rumors and know exactly what is going on as it is going on.
    YEAAHHH! To Kroger coming to LaVergne.

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