X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot is as close to a “target” that I can come up with!  A good friend of mine just called to tell me that the new Super Target coming to Smyrna (but bordering in to LaVergne) has a gigantic sign now posted “NOW HIRING!”  So if you’re in the job market, get yourself over there for more information about how to apply.  Maybe they’ll even give discounts to workers.  That would be sweet.

Also, if you go over there and have details about how to apply, you’re welcome to come back here and comment to your competition for the jobs!  :)


8 Responses

  1. I am so excited about this. This means it won’t be long before the Target opens and we as a people can go shop till we drop!!! Alot of buildings are going in over there as well and I heard that even a Labe Bryant is coming to town for the women that like to shop there. I am also waiting on the J.C.Penny’s to break ground over by Lowe’s. I know that Kathy T. and Ivy will have to be pulled away from these stores once they open so maybe aliitle advice to them, go get yourself a part time gig there to help with spending costs….lol…just joking girls!!!

  2. Woohoo!!! I CANNOT wait!!! Anyone know the expected opening date?

  3. My sister has an interview tomorrow. I believe she said they open in March. I’m so happy to see PetSmart coming in! Now if the movie theare would just hurry up!!

  4. I had hear the expect opening date is … and this is bad … MARCH. I guess they need to hire now to stock, etc.

  5. You’re right. Retailers have workers in the stores LONG before the store actually opens due to setting up shelving, stocking, etc. I worked for a Wal_Mart that was a new store– we started working in December and the store didn’t open till late January. Even then, we could have used an extra week. It’s amazing to walk intoa big box store and see all 4 walls and the freezer sections — nothing else was assembled.

    Just Me

  6. And why did my comment appear with no spacing? I promise I did use the spacebar.

    Just Me

    EDITORS NOTE: I fixed it! This one also had no spaces!

  7. I had heard they were opening right after the first of the year. sometime in Jan. I am so excited because this is much better than wal-mart and much nicer place to shop even tho it cost more there. I cant wait for apllebee’s and Ihop to open as well as Demo’s plus the movie house. I also heard that Costco’s is coming to Sam Rildey next summer so people we have choices coming soon!!! shop Smyrna/La Vergne!!!

  8. While shopping at an Old Navy, they asked for my zip code. The young lady at the register said their manager was leaving to go work at the new one opening in Smyrna. I hope she’s right!

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