In the Head.

I was horrified when I saw this story in the DNJ.  A man was shot in the head while partying in Clayton Estates and went back to his home in Madison, where metro police found him and had him taken to the hospital.  I don’t even know what to say. 


11 Responses

  1. Why can’t people act like adults and not gangsters? This really makes ourcity look bad. If you can’t play nice then don’t come to our city!! Stay away and please don’t bring your thuggish butts here and cause trouble!!!

  2. the guy has now died Kathy t. its on news 2 website. so there has been a murder in our city now!

    Mark said he had the wrong news-story! Confirmed by meatwhistle below.

  3. I think you are looking at an unrelated story….

  4. my bad guys i was still asleep when i posted. 15 days working 3rds and i am not all here now….lol

  5. I’m just curious.

    Every city has crime, but every story published to this website is made to sound as if we live in the ghetto.

    I know that as a resident of Lake Forest, I am lucky to have significant space between my house and my neighbors (over 100ft), never the less I have problems out of one of them every now and then – It’s relatively infrequent, enough so to where it is not a bother for me.

    The stories being posted here with the attitudes attributed to them about how La Vergne is “going down hill” and such is not positive for the outside community that may be looking to move to La Vergne, or you as a home owner trying to sell a home.

    Almost every story posted on this website is negative, it’s like watching the news. You know why I don’t watch the news? It makes me hate the world. Bad News Sells they say.

    Nobody really cares to hear the good stuff.

    If you don’t like how the city is being run, educate your neighbors to go to the city council meetings and vote to increase property taxes or whatever measure necessary to have more than THREE Police officers on the force on any given weekday evening.

    So a man was shot in the head, poor guy; no sympathy. He hung out with the group, the group had guns, he pissed off guys with guns and ended up with lead in his head – it’s amazing he survived, too bad he did.

    Murfreesboro and Smyrna have far more crime than La Vergne, so does Nashville to a high extent; publishing everything from auto thefts to attempted homicides doesn’t do any good for anyone, I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish.

    I’m not saying let’s be ignorant to it, I’m saying you need a new story – so la Vergne has crime, big deal, vote for more police; in the mean time, tell me why our tax dollars went for that new freaking big sidewalk out in front of McDonalds/City Hall/Taco Bell/etc.

    Tell me what’s being done about giving contractors and housing development companies rights to develop land in the midst of a slowing economy, mortgage crisis and foreclosure surplus.

    I don’t see the need, or that it’ll be put to any use.

  6. Although I agree with most of what David is saying, we can’t just “turn our heads and look away” from the negative issues confronted by our community. We can’t help fix things we don’t know about. Keep the info coming, BOTH good and bad.

    I’ve made mention several times on this blog the need for a property tax increase and the multitudes of benefits our community would see as a result.


    BTW, I’m still waiting to see some kind of report as to what our tax dollars got in return for our city leaders “trip to Vegas” in search of retail business. I’d REALLY be interested in seeing the expense reports.

    I’m Just Sayin’….

  7. David,

    Just on the front page of the site there are only 2 crime related stories and the rest are either positive, like the one about the jobs at Target, or the one about “Way to go LHS”, or they’re neutral like where Kathy was asking about it being illegal to cut off electricity or Kathy being off to retreat.

    This site has always been accused of being too negative, but the facts are, we are only reporting what is happening in LaVergne- the good AND the bad.

  8. David, Got anything good to report about? IF so, I’m sure if you email it to Kathy T, she’ll post it.

    I would agree that I don’t think everything posted here is negative. But you als have to remember most of the people who care enough to view this site are people who care about LV. We want to see our city prosper, so any minor attribute we see as bringing the city down (as in, parking in the front yard) we generally address in this forum.

    Let’s talk about the good in LV:

    1 – You have affordable homes, from starter homes to family homes. You even have more affordable ‘luxury’ homes on the west side of town

    2 – Convinient to Murfreesboro and Nashville.

    3 – We have one really nice park.

    4 – We have the best selection of auto parts (in a 400 ft radius) this side of Antioch!!!

  9. And don’t forget Taco Bell!!!

  10. We also have bloggers that care about teenagers that are in need of help. ALos we have friendly peoplethat read this site daily! and we also have some of the lowest taxes around!! all are positive things about our town!

  11. Well, don’t be too horrified. The bullet grazed the mans head and required a few stitches.
    A case of too much alcohol mixed with an argument.
    The owner of the home was evicted from C.E., as well as the other people that lived in the home.
    I can’t say they are gone from LaVergne, but at least they are no longer in C.E.
    And at least no dead bodies—knock on wood!

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