Murfreesboro Stops Yard Parking

Wow… I can’t imagine the uproar this would cause if passed in LaVergne.  Murfreesboro has banned LONG TERM parking in yards.  In the ‘Boro, if company comes over cars may temporarily be parked during the event, but no yard parking at other times.  This article in the DNJ covers the story and is an interesting read.

In LaVerge, we have at least a triple edged sword.  First, I agree with commenters that parking in yards most definitely brings down the home values for neighbors, especially when the yards turn to mud and ruts.  However, parking is not permitted on the streets because they are too narrow to allow emergency vehicles to pass.  Then the homes are on such small lots that adequate driveways haven’t been built to allow sometimes more than two cars jammed together.  I place part of the blame on poor planning, but the blame also goes to this consumer mindset that we have to have so many cars. 

For example, there are two drivers at my own home (well, with one daughter who is salivating over getting her license) and we have four vehicles.  One is a big van that we used to use for family trips (to get five people from one place to another).   We have a truck to haul our garbage to the dump convenience center.  Then we have my old van that’s paid off so we keep for emergency driving for my mother-in-law to use if we get a call from school and I’m not around.  Finally, my own taxi is used for clients, girl scouts, kids, groceries, and errands.  But we’re lucky to have plenty of parking here… if we lived in LFE or other places, we’d really be in trouble.  Our yard would look like a DMX race track.

I don’t know if there is a “cure” for yard parking for LaVergne.  Of course, if the city did pass something like that then maybe people who do it would find other places to live with better parking.  But I doubt they’d ever ticket a homeowner because the police would be too busy pulling school buses while fully loaded with children on their way to school to ticket them.  That’s a whole ‘nother topic, though.

Okay, so if LaVergne passed a code not allowing parking in yards, where does that take us?  Driveways too small to park in + no yard parking = trouble.  But there are potential solutions!  Ivy suggested a year ago that parking on one-side of the street only could work for LaVergne.  Whoever would street park would need to buy a city permit to help offset the price of signs that say “Parking this side only.”  You could even set the hours that street parking could be allowed – for example 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.  Plus, Michael thought the city should consider some parkings lots and you know… that’s not a bad idea at all.  Take down some homes and build intermittent lots that are well-lit and patrolled regularly.  These could be done nicely with some green space, etc.

What say you residents of LaVergne?  Ideas?  Suggestions?  Maybe the planners of the city will read this and discuss and do something about helping our home values remain steady or increase.

Check out the teensie driveways here.


Or this…


Look how tiny those driveways and yards are.  Ridiculous.


8 Responses

  1. Wow, with those two laws alone (not to mention the congestion), even though I do not have indoor furniture outside nor the need for parkin gon my lawn, you could not pay me to live in M’boro.

  2. another example of Government trying to control us again. why can’t they leave us alone? We cant smoke inside, have our couch on the front porch or park in our yards!!! Next they will tell us we can’t have sex and we can’t die without paying taxes!!! stop this madness already!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Has anyone EVER thought of attending the planning commission or mayor/aldermen meetings & voicing their concern over the parking situation to them personally? Make your voices heard & I might add “televised” so others in the City can see what is going on in La Vergne. Put them on the spot & let them know the citizens are concerned not only for the safety of “all citizens” but also for your property values.

  4. These photos don’t even show the half of it. Stroll down Tom Hailey Blvd. and check out the mud pits with 6-8 cars on the property. You have residents that have turned the 2-car garage into another bedroom/apartment which results in multiple families living in one house. The cars literally fill up the entire front yard.

    Poor city planning is part of it, but I don’t think it’s something that can be fixed in LFE until you get people in there that care about their surroundings. Unfortunately, one mud yard tends to attract another.

    The city could implement parking on one side of the street if they’re willing to make some of these narrow streets one way streets. Holland Ridge and Tom Hailey could be one way. One flowing into LFE, one flowing out. There’s a decent amount of cross streets to allow this.

  5. Those pictures tell another story. Check out the wires in the sky!!! I always here that it’s too expensive to run utilities underground because of the rock around here.

    But aren’t the gas and water lines underground? Just run the cable, electricity, and phone on top of that, right?

  6. I am all for some type of law for removing cars from the yard and possibly taking one of those abandoned houses and making a parking lot. You would probably have to ask neighbors to pay a fee, since we cannot afford to pay our police officers to partol what is already in existence. Since we have an ordinance that states, you cannot park on the street, does anyone know how that applies if you have guests? One my guests received a warning a couple of weeks ago for parking on the street. My driveway was full, and foolish me, I like having grass so my guest parked on the street.

  7. Great article. Thanks for posting it. The power lines are such an eyesore. If the developers would just invest a little more in that they could really reap the benifits. We’re doing underground utilities in all of our new subdivisions, even Creek’s Bend which will be starter homes. They’re is definitely a completely different feel when you drive through it than other Murfreesboro developments such as Evergreen Farms. It just has such a clean look to it. As for parking in the yards…It hasn’t really been helping as of yet. We still see this in many parts of town. They need to do a better job of both publisizing and enforceing it.

  8. Parking on your yard makes you look a little trashy, sorry. The pictures you show are of little driveways but….. I see garages attached to almost every little driveway. I wonder what could be in those? Not the cars and trucks bringing my property value down!

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