This announcement in the online edition of Smyrna A.M. has taken away my Christmas blues! 

The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels will headline the Great Tennessee Airshow at Smyrna Airport April 12-13.

As a military brat, we used to watch The Thunderbirds from the roof of the building where my Dad worked.  It was beyond awesome!  Then the first year we moved here, we watched the Blue Angels from our front yard – a really great early memory of living in LaVergne.

So, yes I am very much looking forward to April!

(Photo courtesy of the official Blue Angels website)


Update: To show how deep my nerd runs, I dreamed the Blue Angels came last night to Smyrna and LaVergne for their winter training. 


2 Responses

  1. SWEET!

    When the Thunderbirds were here 2-3 years ago, I sat in the middle of my backyard with a cooler full of adult bevs and enjoyed the show all freaking weekend! The practices on Friday and Saturday were just as good as the show was on Sunday!


  2. Cool Screaming Jets!!!! …. Now if we could just get a trigger happy pilot to take out Motel Six and Seven we would be set!

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