Is the Pea Pod Closing?

I just heard from a friend that the Pea Pod Cafe may be closing.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Say it ain’t so!


10 Responses

  1. I hope not, they have great food, but there location isn’t so hot for a sit-down restaraunt

  2. Doing some laundry Wednesday… sign on the door for “for sale by owner…cheap”

  3. hmmm for sell anyone want to go in with me and open up a meat and 3 …..this could be good for our city I have the xp but need some backing let me know..

  4. I agree that a meat and 3 would be great, but it appears that location isn’ta good one. That’s probably a good spot for a business location.

  5. WHAT?!?! Say it isn’t so! Terrible location, but great food and sweet tea…and we love their Tuesday night free kids’ meals! I think a nice big sign on the main roads might help their business, because it’s easy to forget that it’s even there. I so hope they don’t close!

  6. They are now closed……sorry you all for this sad news but it’s true. Happy New Year!!

  7. You are right, Mark, they are closed down. Now we need another good place to eat (meat & 3). The only other place that I know of that has great food is the Rocking Chair at Gilsville in Smyrna. But on a short lunch hour and coming from La Vergne, it is a little too far to drive for lunch.

  8. Hello everyone. My name is Kym and just wanted to tell everyone about a Great Meat & Three in Lavergne . It is Kym and Bev’s Grill located on the corner of Old Nash. Hwy and Jefferson Pike. Great Food and fun atmosphere. m-f 6-2 Sat. 7-12. Old fashion burgers as well as homemade Lunches and desserts. It is a Mother and Daughter team. We have been at this location for Three Years. Please come and see for yourself, this experience is worth it. We will make a regular out of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks and hope to see you soon…..

  9. Yep…have heard great things about Kym & Bev’s.

    Also, WillStan’s is offering some $4.99 lunch specials.

  10. yeah if you like pea pod youll love kym & bevs ive been eating both for a few years & ill miss janice & the southernbelle-pea pod but kym & bevs also has breakfast & its hard to believe but mom & daughter do it all there self its like going to eat at your families house with the interactive environment these ladies are too busy keeping us fed & havent had time to promote thereselves but when you try it i guarantee youll come back many times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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