LaVergne Nabs Shopping Center

My friend Big Orange Michael sent me this …

From the Nashville Biz Journal’s print edition this week.

$20M shopping center lands in La Vergne

Rutherford County will be getting a $20 million shopping center along Interstate 24, spurred by the recent construction of a Super Target nearby.

Centrum SSI of Nashville, a local affiliate of Centrum Properties Inc. of Chicago, recently bought nearly 21 acres from Jack Oman for $2.6 million.

The land, at the northeast corner of the intersection of Interstate 24 and Sam Ridley Parkway West, will make way for a retail center named The Shoppes at La Vergne, says Brad McNutt, commercial development specialist for Centrum.

McNutt says the growth of retail in the La Vergne-Smyrna area helped make the decision easy.

Colonial Properties Trust, a Birmingham, Ala.-based real estate investment trust, has begun building a major retail center close to Centrum’s property. The proximity to Colonial’s new Target made Oman’s property attractive, McNutt says.

“It will be a regional draw,” says McNutt.

The Centrum site is located fully in La Vergne, although it borders the city of Smyrna, where Colonial’s Target will stand. Target could open by spring 2008. Colonial’s other draw, Kohl’s, opened in October.

The area is high in population density but has been underserved, says Holly Sears, Rutherford County vice president of economic development. The new center will help generate sales taxes for local schools and city governments, she says.

The developments are also generating hotel activity, Sears says. A Holiday Inn Express is under construction near the I-24 exit.

21 Responses

  1. i’m speechless….

  2. It’s a start anyway. Curious to what type of retail will be coming. Hopefully no more auto parts and nail painting.

  3. I saw a few weeks ago the property in question and the signs said sold. This is a ood start for our town since it’s right around the corner from my house. I would like to see more clothing stores for men and maybe a computer store that didnt charge so much. Strouds BBQ is built already and I hope they are going to open soon. They are located at Ingram blvd and Waldren rd next to mcd’s. We need to support these places that have moved here!! I say welcome and enjoy your stay in our fair city!!

  4. This has nothing to do with La Vergne, I’m curious though as to what is coming at the corner of Blair Road and Sam Ridley. I’ve heard two stories, one was apartments/condos, two was a cosco. has anyone heard?

  5. apts but Costcos will be coming next year somewhere on ridley not sure yet…

  6. correct, it’s an apartment complex similar to the one right behind cedar grove elementary.

    I think it’s great to hear part of the retail is going to come to LV, why don’t we try and land the Costco too? There’s some great land on Old Nashville highway behind lowes, and that’s in La Vergne.

  7. I’ve heard that CostCo is just a pipe dream. But I am thrilled to see this shopping center expand into LaVergne. Vewy Vewy pweased.

  8. I heard from a guy at Sam’s club this past summer and we talked about a Sam’s club coming to Smyrna but he said since there is one in the boro and one in Antioch that they didnt want to come here but Cosco’s said they were coming. He knws someone way up in upper mgmnt that stated this. I know that there is land all over Lavergne. Old Nashville hwy, over past 24, Across the street from southeast credit union, and on Murf rd close to Smyrna line. There is alot of business that look like they have been around for many years and look very trashy so why not have them clean up their act or move and then let better retail come into play here? I also saw the other day an old apt building on Murf rd that has been turned into alittle retail with a Cricket office there. and they are still renting space.

  9. isn’t waldron road supposed to be widening this year (2008). any word on that?

  10. Mark said: “There is alot of business that look like they have been around for many years and look very trashy so why not have them clean up their act or move and then let better retail come into play here?”

    This, friends, is a GOOD POSTING!

  11. Has anyone seen the land that has been cleared on Waldron/Parthenon across the street from King’s Kid Plaza and the Midas shop? Does anyone know if it is for sale or if something is already planned for that space? My husband said he heard it was for retail, but that wouldn’t seem to fit well in the midst of the factories and warehouses, so now I’m curious. Anyone know for sure?

  12. I heard once (I think from Mealand) that it’s some sort of manufacturing or distribution company.

  13. someone else posted on here that the land is for BrigeStone HQ

  14. I heard that the frontage along Waldron Road is commercial and the back portion is industrial. I think that is how it was rezoned earlier this year. I doubt it is big enough for Bridgestone HQ. Not big enough for a Walmart.

    On another note, I think Kroger is definately coming to M’boro Road. The “For Lease” sign at the Southern Family Market is no longer there. Anybody else notice that?? Who knows how long it will be before Kroger is open, but I think it’s great.

    With retail, it’s like a snowball going downhill. It takes some time to get momentum, but hopefully it will keep getting larger and larger. We’ve got a lot of open space for future retail, we just need to clean up what we’ve got and promote ourselves heavily.

  15. Does anyone know when the Waldron Rd to LFE will open? I drove past it today and it looks finished on this end.

    Kroger will get my business when they open.

  16. “IF” Kroger comes to the Southern Family Market locale, wave “bye-bye” to Smith’s Neighborhood Outhouse.

  17. I wrote before about knowledge from someone at Kroger about that property. Over the Christmas holiday he confirmed that Kroger has indeed bought the property on Mrf Rd. They are trying to acquire the adjacent property also for a fuel center. Plans are to start construction in March, to be open in August or Sept.

    Concerning the area on Old Nash Hwy behind Lowe’s, yes there is land there but also residents such as I live right off Old Nash Hwy. I’ve been there going on 12 years and the traffic is getting worse all the time. I avoid Sam Ridley as much as possible. Luckily I can take the back roads around most of the time.

  18. That is soooo exciting!! I can actually start grocery shopping again.

  19. Wow that is exciting wish is was sooner this year. I am sure Kroger would not miss a step if they opened up sooner.

  20. Hooty, you been starving all this time? (lol)

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