Kym & Bev’s Revisited

After reading Kym’s comment on the post about the Pea Pod closing, I stopped by again for another visit and tried their meat & two.  I had the grilled chicken, green beans, and mac & cheese.  I really wanted the burger, but felt it would be healthier for me to go the other route (it would’ve been much better had I selected a salad or something instead of the mac, but whatever).

The first time I went I was really put off by the smell of cigarette smoke, however, since the Tennessee smoking ban it’s really very pleasant!  Bev was very friendly and thorough while Kym worked in the back – everytime I saw her look through the window, she had a big smile on her face!

So go ahead and give it a try if you haven’t been there already.  It’s at the corner of Old Nashville Highway and Old Jefferson Pike.

Next – I’m going to try Wilstans!


7 Responses

  1. Kym was smiling because she was making money….lol….I am waiting on R

  2. i AM WAITING ON Red Robin to come to town soon…in smyrna

  3. They had the best turnip greens and bacon cheeseburgers in town. GOOD,FAST, AND FRIENDLY SERVICE


  4. I heard that they are GREAT in fact one day I want to go there and try everything on the menu!!!!Some of my friends have been there and they all LOVED it!!!So hope Kym, Bev, and I get to meet on day but the only problem is I”m only fourteen (14) so I can’t drive yet and I don’t really live close by so I guess I’ll have to ask my parents if they can take me there when I’m going to spend the night at my friend’s house cause she lives right down the street.Well I guess that’s it for now and hope to meet yall one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. the breakfast is great!only had lunch a few times but it was good every time & your right you shouldve tried the burger but get it on toasted bread its awesome its a great down home environment if you go in more than 2 times chances are theyll remember your name & what your drink

  6. AWESOME BURGERS AND ONION RINGS! And the best part is they are local gals! :-)

  7. Yeah I’ve eaten there plenty of times.. They do have the best burgers as far as middle TN goes… The smoke was an issue but now it is just super friendly country home cooking.. Someone who appreciates your business every time you come in…

    Oh and as for the red robin i have eaten there plenty (just trying it since it was new) and found that they do have more burgers styles to choose from the burger it self just does not compete to that of Kym and Bev’s.. Plus id rather give my money to a local any day over a big food chain who could care less.

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