If You Had $5M

Let’s say LaVergne has no debt, the budget is balanced, and there are strong sources of revenue.  Suddenly, you are given $5 million dollars with the stipulation that you spend it on LaVergne.  What would you do with it?


16 Responses

  1. Open the road that runs from murfreesboro road at waldron road to Stones River Road.

  2. Demolish Weekly Rentals, Boat Doctor and the green pawn shop and prepare the land for better development. Do the same with the Rehab Halfway House (aka the no-tell motel) at I-24 & Waldron Rd. Put up 15 ft fencing along M’boro Rd south to hide the junkyards and giant tubes.

  3. I think I’d go for the beautification thing. There wouldnt’ be enough to bury the power lines (too bad!), but I’d add nicer streetlights, paint older buildings, add park benches and flower boxes, put trees in the center medians, etc. Just try to perk up the whole look of the city. Again, I love the sidewalks going in – what a great start!

  4. I agree, a priority would be cleaning up murfreesboro road which is essentially LV’s main street. I would also say connecting the entire city via sidewalks (wide enough for bikers and walkers) would be an excellent use of the funds.

  5. I agree with michaelinLV. I would connect the entire city with sidewalks so kids could ride their bikes without fear of being hit and so that most people could walk on the street. I would sanction parking areas since the city and builders did an aweful job of planning out of greed. I would give the rest to the police department for raises or a police substation. We need to figure out ways to increase their revenue. If this area is going to keep growing, it is foolish to think we do not need to build our internal resources to accomodate the growth and have police visability.

    In line with the beautification idea, I would purchase city signs that state, “Pick up your dog’s poop or be fined $50.” I don’t find it fun accidentally stepping in it when I walk through my yard. I know it isn’t from stray dogs becuase I see MANY of our neighbors allowing their dogs to do their business in our yards and leaving it there. My neighbor lost a new tree becuase of another neighbors dog urinating on it. Yesterday, I noticed it all over the sidewalk that is diagonal from the fire station on Bill Stewart, while I was watching another lady leaving poop her small dog left. This is free beautification. Sorry for venting.

  6. I’m curious. When you talk about “connecting the city with sidewalks”, what part of town are you talking about? There’s more to Lavergne than the Stones River Side of Mfr Rd.

  7. Angie, are you saying that you agree we need more sidewalks, or you think we have enough?

    Just to illustrate my opinion, you can’t walk from La Vergne Primary to La Vergne High School without walking on a couple of narrow streets (Old Nashville Highway and Chaney) Smyrna has put wide sidewalks on many of their busy streets (Old Nashville, Rock Springs, and coming soon to Enon Springs West)

  8. What child, or adult for that matter, is going to be walking from Lavergne Primary all the way to Lavergne High? That would include crossing Murfreesobor Rd and up Old Nash Hwy, which is very narrow. Now, that may just prove your point, however the road would need to be widened which would take out part of people’s yards. Traffic is very heavy through there in the afternoons so the construction alone would cause major nightmares. I can see adding sidewalks in the new neighborhoods, but I don’t know about connecting the whole city.

  9. Angie brings up a very good point in that there is this “River of Iron” (aka I-24) that separates our city to a degree that if we’re not careful will turn into a “right/wrong side of the tracks” scenario. We need to stay cognizant of all areas of La Vergne, not be selfish and only think of our own little neighborhoods.

    I’m Just Sayin….

  10. Angie, you are right the most people are not likely to walk those 4 miles, but what about riding a bike? That’s why I would like wide sidewalks similar to Smyrna. I would love to be able to ride my bike to Veterans meorial park and back. But if I tried that today it would almost be suicide.

    I think La Vergne already does have a right/wrong side of the tracks. West LV has McFarlin Pointe, Pinnacle Pointe, Woodsong, Brookside, and others under construction that will be catering to famileslooking for 2500 – 5000 sq ft homes

    East LV has Lake Forest, Waters Edge, stones river cove, and other subdivisions that cater to the 900 – 2500 sq ft homes

    Obviosly there are exceptions such as Dove Creek in West LV and Morningside acres in East LV, but generally we are split along I-24, or maky even Old Nashville? Cedar Grove and Arbor Heights are east of I-24, but have homes in the 2500 – 4000 sq ft range.

    Besides, haven’t you ever noticed that MLS even splits us into 2 sides?

  11. I think it was the comment about “linking” the city with sidewalks that threw me off.

    Not everyone lives in subdivisions. My road was a dead end for many years until the city decided to make it a cut through for traffic from one of the new sub divisions they put up. Now we have to contend with people speeding up and down our street without regard to the people that live there.

  12. Okay…in order not to get obnoxious I’ve refrained from responding to the last response by MichaelinLV… but I can’t just let this go…

    MichaelinLV – are you in real estate or city logistics?

    I have lived in the Dove Creek subdivision for 18+ years and I would like for you to explain your comments on my subdivision…is it because the homes tend to be smaller per square foot or because you think we are “on the wrong side of the tracks”???

    I look forward to your response.

  13. Interesting comments from both MichaelinLV and Gina. We’ve been in Woodland Hills since 1989 and even though the City quickly annexed us so we could pay those good ol’ city taxes, folks on our side of I-24 have always kind of been treated like the redheaded stepchild, so to speak. I thought that building Rock Springs Elementary and Middle Schools might help, but I can’t see much of a difference.

    We’re pretty much ignored over here. I’d be very curious to see a population breakdown of residents east and west of I-24!

  14. There’s a lot of breakdown reports I’d like to see… especially about repairs on water lines, road maintenance, and our chipper service (or lack thereof).

    Carothers Crossing, Summit View, and Brookside are basically in my back yard…these old roads aren’t built for such heavy trucks! They are sinking and the poor creek is polluted now. Waldron Road is also old and in very poor condition. My 16 year old has been extremely cautioned about this road… the hill past Woodland Hills has had a water leak for 12 years and it freezes every time it gets cold. The road has been poorly patched and you must almost overcorrect the dips coming into town from Rock Springs Elementary or risk running off the road.

    What, pray tell, is THE purpose of the No-Tell Motel (aka. Driftwood Inn or vice versa) and why do they still have water service since they’re so far behind on payments?

    I’m stepping off of my soap box for now, but the residents of West La Vergne need the city’s attention! We don’t have “gang” problems and drive by shootings like the other side of town, but we do have bored teenagers…

  15. Gina, I do believe you’re my new best friend. I didn’t think ANYBODY from our part of town participated in this blog, and I agree with your latest entry 100%. I have a 15-year-old who is nervous about driving on Waldron Road for the very reasons you mentioned – heck, if your son/daughter goes to LHS, they probably know each other.

    I have a great idea . . . why don’t you run for alderman so you can represent our side of town? (I’m dead serious!!)

  16. Sherry,

    I’m glad that someone else understands our pain on the West side (LOL)…I think we need to meet… trade stories…. and see if we can make a difference on our side of town.

    My daughter does go to LHS…and you are right…they probably know each other.

    As for running for Alderman, SURELY you jest!?!?! Should we go to Ms. Senna???

    Maybe Miss Kathy can pass on our email addys to the other…I’d love to try and make a difference over here, but it takes more than two… Neighborhood Watches only work if there are concerned neighbors…but I digress…

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