WillStans Grille: A Review

I finally made it to WillStans Grille today for lunch.  My mother-in-law had an appointment for a perm, we had some extra time, so off we went!  We arrived around 12:15 p.m. and there were several tables taken, but no wait.  We carefully stepped up into our booth (according to the watch your step instructions) and had a nice look at our menus and around the restaurant while waiting for the server.

dsci0096.jpgI really like the ambiance of the place – the golden leafed tables, distinguished stone and wood, and plenty of light. The staff seemed fairly friendly and competent and that’s always good.  However, a friend of mine told me that when she ordered her steak “rare” she got some flippant comment from her server and that irritated her – but that’s been some time ago.  She says when you’re a paying customer, the server should not comment ever on what you want.  I disagree in part because I once ordered a cheese waffle for breakfast at another restaurant while on vacation – thinking I was ordering a cheese omelet – and no one argued.  I wish they had.  But I digress.

My experience today was very pleasant.  I was planning to order the hamburger mini’s but the server told me the special was the monster burger and fries for $4.99.  I jumped on that and added cheese for another 50 cents.

I ordered my burger medium well because I just don’t like “pink” in burger (it’s great in steak, but not burger) and my mother-in-law ordered hers well-done, worried about it being burnt to a crisp.  We waited about 11 minutes for our food to come out and it was cooked perfectly for both of us.  They even got the “well-done” right.  The fries were crunchy and I didn’t have to not-eat too many (again picky me – I don’t like them if they have brown spots).  Pickle was delish.

We were able to eat in the time-frame we needed and got Velma to her appointment on time.  For the two of us, our bill was $11.48 (we drank water).

Looking at the to-go menu, they offer entrees from $10.49 (Hawaiian Chicken, Bourbon Peppercorn Chicken, Bourbon Pasta) to $15.99 for a Filet Mignon.  The sandwich menu is $6.49 (burger) to $7.49 (philly cheese steak).  Lots of salads to choose from, as well as starters, and the always-expensive desserts (no matter where you go, desserts are expensive!).  WillStans Grille can certainly give any Chili’s, TGIFridays, O’Charleys a run for its money and I’m glad to see them in LaVergne.  Their slogan: “A cut above with a neighborhood feel” is cute, and not inaccurate. 

For more information, they are located at 1925 Madison Square Blvd. in LaVergne (behind Burger King).  The number is 793-0083.

Happy eating!


15 Responses

  1. Thanks for this info…I’ll have to go check it out!

  2. Their draft beer is real cold too!

  3. Their prices are absolutely amazing. I’d hate to see their food cost.

  4. I have had the Rueben, Patty Melt, Monte Cristo. My wife has had the Fiesta chicken and the Hawaiian Chicken. My kid had the pizza and the chicken tenders…the kid’s menu is great.

    Not a bad word from me. Food was prompt and really tasty.

  5. Our family finally made it here tonight and I must say its a great addition to lavergne

  6. WillStan’s is a great addition to La Vergne. Like patrons before me, the food is delicious and affordable even in these economic times. I’ve never had to wait for a table and services was prompt and friendly. An added compliment is that the owner ALWAYS come around to visit your table to make sure your meal and visit is 100% perfect. We’re a regular at WillStans and I think it’s one of La Vergne’s great little secret. I recommend it to families and friends because the atmosphere is warm and inviting. I hope they’ll be open New Year’s Eve! Happy eating!

  7. My hubby and I tried WillStans when it first opened, and have been coming back ever since. I love that it is right in LaVernge too! The prices are more than reasonable. The food is always good. (have you tried the Seafood dip? – It is awesome!)

    They’ve hired people with great personalities! It has never been a bad experience from the beginning to end.

    LOVE IT!

    PS: Hero’s grill – ehhhhhhh… not so good

  8. Stopped in to eat at WillStans they had all you can eat wings for around $ 8.50 love them wings. The wings were soaked with Tabasco sauce and I had asked for sweet and spicy. I complained but eat them anyway; good thing I ended up with 6 hot wings with 2 orders and my lunch hour ran out. WillStans SUCKS AND I TELL ALL I MEET. Went to Hero’s Grill the waiter wore us out taking plates and trash off our table, service can get to be too good. Talked with the owner she is very sweet and explained that the waiter was her son and learning. The food was great and the atmosphere is awesome. She also explained that the walls were covered with pictures and other memorabilia of the residents of LaVergne, I plan to take here some of my families history. I explained that LaVergne still needs a meat and 3 and that I would eat with them everyday if I could get vegetables until then TGees will have to do.

  9. BITL, did you tell the waiter that you didn’t want hot wings? I’m not one to complain at restaurants, except when it comes to seasoning. I hate spicy food and will send it back if it’s spicy.

    I’m not trying to defend WilStan’s, but we are all human and humans are prone to make mistakes, I’m sure if you spoke with one of the owners they would comp your next meal.

  10. We went to Hero’s too. The owner is indeed a VERY sweet lady. The waitress must be her daughter and is learning too. She kept coming back to our table over and over again, asking the same question “can I get you anything else”? This was before she brought us any food. I was like ‘anything else? you haven’t brought us anything yet’ !

    The cheeseburger was all filler. Not so good as far as I am concerned. We won’t be going back any time soon.

    Let’s just say, they are new and have a bunch of things to work out.

    I have never had a bad meal or bad service or bad attitudes at WillStans Grille. They take good care of the customer! And I tell EVERYONE that. It’s inexpensive and the food is great!

  11. michaelinLV Yes I asked the very sweet little waitress for other wings and yes i did ask her not to cover them in tabasco. When they came out they were soaked. It had taken so long to get the second order that we did not have the time. I told the owner on the way out and he just looked at me with with a blank stare. I have told a lot of people about my day at WilStans.
    PS I got sick and have no desire for anything from WS.

    PS: WiLStans – ehhhhhhhh………not good at all and might make you sick.

  12. bringittolight…i doubt it seriously that this will do any good but here goes….i jst read your posting, and believe its the biggest crock ever… i dine at wilstans at least once a week..and have for at least a year..iv never once gotten sick. have had an occassion to get a new waitress that wasnt as sharp as the rest but neveretheless very polite and def. never gotten anything to eat that the owner, whom more often than not personally comes around to each table to make sure everything is ok, has not bent over backwards to fix. i even had him insist on replacing a pork chop that he said just looked a little too dr;y, even tho i insisted it was fine.. so im sure all those people who u no, u tell to never go to wilstans already no ur full of crap anyway. wilstans is by far the best restaurant lavergne and smyrna have to offer..maybe u should give it another shot..when ur not irritated and in a hurry. i mean otherwise, if u need lunch in 15 minutes, maybe u should stick to burger king..

  13. Wow, only few more days an it would have been one full year since the last post on this topic!

    Angel, you point out one good thing about WilStans (and also applies to Raz’z on Smyrna), and that is the owner almost always comes by and says hello. It’s not like at other chains where you have to beg for the manager to come by so you can tell him there was a problem, these people are pro-active.

  14. WOW, Michael is right it has been awhile, but glad this happened. I want to let everyone know on this site that WilStans is very pro-active in La Vergne. I am a member of Box 100. For those of you who do not know, Box 100 is a rehab volunteer group that goes onto fire, police, rescue, and public works scenes when it is a major or long term scene and take care of the emergency employees and keep them fed and hydrated. On these major scenes we rely on the local restaurants for support. La Vergne has been very fortunate to have great support and WilStans just helped to feed our water crew when we had a MAJOR break on Waldron Road. With the help of Box 100 and the kindness of these restaurants it helps to keep these crews focused directly on their jobs and they can move more quickly to get the job done. I can not tell you the times that Sonic, Dominos, McDonalds on Waldron, Arbys(I know I am forgetting someone) etc have help BOX 100 feed the Fireman, Police Officiers, and Public Works. WilStans asked to be a part of this. SO PLEASE SUPPORT WilStans and all these places in La Vergne because they have stepped up to help us!!!!!!

  15. Wilstan’s continues to be a nice dining option for the Lavergne area.They have an assortment of lunch specials every day.

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