LaVergne, Smyrna, the ‘Boro Being Discussed

Bad Bad Ivy of Music City Bloggers alerted me to an article in the Tennnessean about poverty in Middle Tennessee.   She said,

Many others like to blame the poverty problem on people who are here illegally. Me, I think the poverty problem has a whole lot to do with prices going up and wages staying the same. But what the heck do I know, I’m just a mommy blogger. 

The article is interesting, but it’s one of the commenters (not Ivy) who frosted my butt.  What do you think LaVergne? 


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Murfreesboro, Smyrna and La Vergne will be the next Antioch. It is a given.

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  1. I don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s a foregone conclusion that the poverty and crime associated with Antioch can be contained.

    Driving down Murfreesboro Rd every day and the billboards every 10 feet for a “$100 Moves you In!” special, seems to me that the over development of LaVergne will lend itself to the crime and poverty of Antioch.

    I think that it will hit those rows and rows of empty townhomes first, then LFE next. Over development and lots of empty properties (which will turn into rentals) doesn’t always bring in the best tenants or owners, which in turn means increases in crime.

    It looks like some of the crime has already started to penetrate into LFE, with the LaVergne PD wanting to setup a substation there.

    I’m not very optomistic about the future of LaVergne, maybe Smyrna with their recent infrastructure and retail growth may be better insulated.

  2. It is up to the residents of La Vergne as to which direction the city takes.You can either allow the snakes to crawl across the lawn and into your yard or you can chop their heads off.One thing is certain:local law enforcement will do nothing about gang activity but hold their little library meetings once a month.I think I would rather love in a 170K house than in a 300K one,but if it takes that to get away from the garbage,so be it.

  3. As far as the poverty rate in the Tennessean, there are 2 things to consider:

    1 – Since 1997, the illegal immigrant population has continued to go up. Illegal immigrants generally live below the poverty line

    2 – The poverty rate is $19,350 for a family of 4. Do you know anyone who is married and has 2 kids and makes less than $20k? If so, I bet you’ll find they decided a HS diploma wasn’t important.

    Regarding LV’s future, we couild go either way. I really think we need to legislate the appearence of people’s homes. Renters are less likely to take care of the outter apperance of their home, and if my neighbors house looks like garbage, my property values tank. No more cars in the yard, no more mold on the vinyl. Fix it or get out!

  4. Start a Homeowners Association for LFE only if it is $20.00 a year = $60,000.00 per year (3000 homes). The HOA then could set rules and regulations such as no parking in the yard and if homeowners did not comply the HOA could issue a fine.

  5. You would have to hire a property attorney to setup a HOA ($$$) and you could only enforce their rules on homeowners who agree to join, or on existing homes once they sell to new owners. I think that would do more to encourage rental property, and that’s why I think we need to legislate the general duties of a HOA through the M/A.

  6. Its always easier said then done. I do feel it is the responsibility of the city to keep the city codes in check with the cities growth after all the city allow developers to come in and build roads and buildings. My sister bought a new house when Lake Forest was first started. Think hers house was one of the first 10 built. It was really a beautiful place. I never could in my wildest dream think that Lake Forest one day would be pushing 3000 homes.

  7. I personally have to give props to the La Vergne codes department. I have only called in a couple of complaints, but they issues have been resolved within a week.

    One time I called and got a recording, I left a message including my call back number, but stated I wished to remain anonymous. I think this is ideal because that way you aren’t on record, but at least codes can call you back if needed.

    The only problem I have with codes is the little road signs. I pick up the ones around my neighboorhood. If La Vergne wanted to deputize a few citizens, I bet we’d have the sign problem cleaned up in a heartbeat!

  8. My family is thinking of moving to the Nashville area, and liked some of the things we read about La Vergne, but the more I read about crime there, it makes me nervous. We currently live in the PIttsburgh, Pa area. We were looking for better weatehr, a place with lots of choices for Christian Education and we would be closer to my famil in SC. (We wouldn’t ever want to live in SC for several reasons) We thought the housing prices were very reasonable, but now I’m thinking that is because no one wants to live there. Is that true?

  9. Renae, thanks for checking in. Housing prices are low in La Vergne for several reasons. The primary reason is that is what the La Vergne planners wanted, low cost affordable housing. Unfortunately, along with that you sometimes get the lower class of soceity. The crime here is not as bad as some would like for you to believe, and unlike some other high crime areas around here (Antioch), we have a police force that really does work hard to protect us.

    Also, home values are lower everywhere these days, Although I don’t think LV has been terribly affected by this. Not like some parts of the country where prices skyrocketed.

    The best reason I can give you for buying a house here is because you will get the best bang for your buck. You can get more house for less money here. Another suggestion I might have is to move here and rent. Find out if you really like the area before you buy.

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