Total Number of Properties, by Neighborhood

Someone asked in the last “by neighborhood” for the total number of houses.  I have searched the tax database provided to REALTORs(tm) to come up with these numbers.  There are some disclaimers, though:

  1. These may not just be houses, but also LOTS that are free of homes.  The tax records show who owns the lots and houses and I just can’t go through every lot in LaVergne one-by-one to verify there is a house located on it. 
  2. The houses located in the neighborhood could be single-family residences, mobile homes, zero lot home (like a duplex but you own), etc.  Or – again – there may not be a house at all.
  3. The search I conducted is very informal.  I just typed in a neighborhood name and the report churned out how many PROPERTIES were found.
  4. If I make a mistake, please let me know so I can fix it!

Let’s get started.

Akin Heights:  40
Akins Ridge: 36
Arbor Heights: 88
Ben Franklin: 108
Brookside:  37
Cedar Grove:  155
Cedar Lake:  259
Center Hill:  94
Chaney Woods:  122
Deer Park:  75
Dove Creek:  99
Eastwood:  221
Farmingdale:  249
Fergus Woods:  25
Greenwood:  140
Hailey Hills:  261
Hampton Roads:  44
Heritage Valley:  413
Ivy Pointe:  65
Jefferson Place:  45
Jones Mill:  9
Lake Forest:  2,206
Lakepointe:  59
Madison Square:  232
McFarlin Pointe:  232*
Morgans Retreat:  52
Morningside:  103
Park Villa:  39
Pinnacle Pointe:  24**
Poplar Creek:  66
Ridgemont:  80
Stonehenge:  206
Stonemark:  72
Sunrise:  4***
Summit View:  110
Watersedge:  215
Woodland Hills:  356
Woodsong:  21

*McFarlin Pointe is actually listed as a Nolensville address, so I’m thinking LaVergne can’t really claim it.  However, I included the numbers here since I had included them in the previous neighborhood search.

**The MLS online tax records did not show that Pinnacle Point exists.  However, I did a regular MLS search on what is currently listed, pending, or sold and that showed 24 homes.

***What?  That can’t be right!

Just for kicks, I looked at the Evergreen Farms subdivision in Murfreesboro because I know it’s big big big.  They have 1,125 properties.  I wonder if the new homes in Lake Forest have a different subdivision name… if you know, please comment and I’ll look it/them up.  Peace.


6 Responses

  1. Interesting info, Kathy . . . thanks for taking the time to compile this. I have to make a confession, though . . . I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never heard of about half these neighborhoods and have no clue where they’re located (butr I’m sure I’m not alone)!! :)

  2. Want to know how awesome I am? If you click on the link “by neighborhood” above, you’ll see that there are more links in that original post – to every subdivision. Those links are to Google maps which shows the general area of the neighborhood. Go Kathy… haha.

  3. This post says there are 4 houses in Sunrise, but the post with homes sold says 5 were sold in sunrise in 2007.

    Make that a double – What????

  4. LMAO! I guess the people in Sunrise must not be very happy with their neighborhood as each home sold once and one of those sold again.

    I’m Just Kiddin’……

  5. This whole Sunrise neighborhood has been bugging me, so I ran the numbers again this morning. I don’t know what happened to that 5th house, but when I ran the stats again, it showed only 4 houses sold. And there are 4 houses in the neighborhood. But there is an explanation… new construction. The houses were built in 2006 and sold in early 2007. Apparently no more have been built since. So talk about one intimate neighborhood!

  6. Are these just homes or should or does it include townhomes, there are a ALOT going up and that is an under statement, I know in La Vergne there is:

    Villa of Central Park
    Cottages of La Vergne
    Cottage of Lake Forest
    and I am sure I missed some.

    I wish we could start having some high end townhomes built in La Vergen, this one parking lot fits all makes it look like one step up from an apartment complexe.

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