Today’s News: Sunday

Someone who I think might’ve been from the Auto Zone commented that they were robbed last night.  Thankfully no one was hurt.  Here’s the comment:

Just wanted to pass on , Last night about 9:00 pm the La Vergne Auto Zone next to McDonalds got robbed at gun point.  No one got hurt. Robbers were 2 males. The store is opening today sun. at about 10:00. Phones were disabled.So we are repairing. Thanks

I’m relieved everyone was okay, but cripey.  I’ve just never understood how ANYONE could grow up thinking it’s okay to point a gun at someone else, to take things by force, or to kill someone.  Is TV to blame?  Or bad parenting?  Or can someone just be that bad at the core of their being.  My mom would say it’s the devil at work.  In any case, again I’m glad to hear no one was hurt.

More bad news… word has it that Kroger has decided NOT to come to LaVergne because there was no place to put a gas station at the store.  I think where there’s a will there’s a way, so if this news is true then Kroger I’m very disappointed in you.

Who needs Kroger, anyway?  Let’s end with some really good news.  Did you know an African market has opened in LaVergne?  It looks really neat… I wonder if they’ll have some cooking classes?

In 2005, 11,099, or about 13 percent, of the foreign-born population in the Nashville-Murfreesboro Metro Statistical Area were natives of Africa, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates.  The couple said they listen to their customers when selecting what foods to carry.


18 Responses

  1. the ones who rob are just too darn lazy to get u out of bed and find a jobby job. If the young people think they can just take from someone then they were brought up wrong. everynight at work I hear different rap songs that talk about gold diggers and other bad things that I knew from months ago were influencing our young. When they play this at work I hit eject. I know someone will say I am rasict because I have said this comment about the rap music but I have heard the music for myself and it just upsets me that the record companies are allowing this to hit the market. I say to our youth get off your lazy fannies and get a job!!!

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t mention that the new road is open. The one between Stones River and Murfreesboro Road.

  3. Do I dare raise the “handgun” issue again?

  4. If we had better control over buying guns then maybe we wouldnt have such a big problem. I can go but a gun at the fairgrounds when they have the sale there. Also you can buy a “hot” gun on the streets anytime. I think we need to do what Cali os doing and make it 3 stries and you out or in for life!! this might stop some of the crap going on. Also if you loo at some of the lyrics to songs you can see that our youth is listening to real crap go look at a few song lyrics on my blog and tell me if these rappers should change their tune!!

  5. Fences are made to keep honest people honest. If you make guns illegal, than law abiding citizens will not buy guns, criminals still will get guns.

    Even if we completely eradicated guns from the face of the earth, people would be robbed at knife point instead of gun point.

  6. Something else, yes a store being robbed at gunpoint is bad, but I don’t consider that as bad a reflection on our city as drive-by’s in LFE. Let’s face it, we don’t know if the robbers live here, and stores can get robbed at gunpoint anywhere (wasn’t whole foods in Green Hills recently robbed?)

    I am disappointed in the Kroger news, I really think they could have gotten a lot of business from this community. But we still have the problem of a large empty story on our main street. Is there any possibility of getting a stable tennant to move in there? Look at the old Best Buy/Office Max locations in Hickory Hollow. They have had tennants move in, but the come and go. I’d hate to see that happen in such a prime location in our city.

  7. Brad! I didn’t mention it because I already posted it here.

  8. Last I heard Kroger was trying to purchase the land next to Bi-Lo to put in the Gas Station. I still do not see the lease sign back up.

  9. Once again, I have a much better chance of averting death by knife than death by handgun. And YES I know that I can die from both.

    HOWEVER, it seems only ninjas and TV/movie stars can kill a person with a knife from 20+ feet away. Not too many of either hangin’ around La Vergne lately are there?

    Yeah, those “drive-by knifings” in LFE are getting to be a real problem.


    I’m Just Soapboxin’…..

  10. So you think a Gun is more deadly than a knife? I know the guy who used trains Smyrna police officers. He taught a class on how to survive if attacked. I had the same discussion with him about the gun being more dangerous, but he said you are far more likely to be killed by a knife than a gun. Guns miss their targets, mis-fire, ricochete, etc. Knives are used up-closeand it’s harder to miss. I tried to find something online to back this us, so here you go:

    My whole point is that guns aren’t the problem, bad people are the problem. Make guns illegal and the good people won’t buy them, but the bad people will still find a way.

    Want to know how to survive if attacked, call on the same guy Smyrna calls on:

  11. I cannot wait to go to the African Market. Shea butter in bulk? Woot!

  12. If we stop making “hand”guns, then in time, those bad people will not have “hand”guns.

    Don’t make “hand”guns illegal, make MAKING “hand”guns illegal.

    “Hand”guns ARE the problem and “hand”guns in the hands of bad people makes the problem worse exponentially.

  13. Oh, that’s right, let’s make it illegal to MAKE guns! Great idea, why didn’t I think of that?! While we’re at it, why don’t we make murder illegal too? Oh wait, murder is illegal, and yet bad people still break the law…

    Wait, now I’ve got it. If it’s illegal to make guns in America, then surely we won’t have to worry about them being smuggled into our country. Just like we don’t have to worry about drugs being transported into our country. Oh wait…

    IJS, your heart is in the right place, but the fact is there are a lot of things we would like to un-invent but we can’t. If you think that simply making gun ownership illegal will solve our problems with crime, then you need not look further than DC.

    I’ve got an ever better example: prohibition. In 1919, a majority of people favored prohibition feeling that getting alcohol out of soceity would make us safer and more productive. But a few black markets in the big cities and the crime organizations created by prohibition showed us that simply making something undesireable illegal won’t erradicate it. It was illegal to make alcohol in the US, but not in Canada, Mexico, or the carribean. Most of the illegal booze was imported. Do you really think that we have better control over imports today???

  14. I heard Shea Butter??? That stuff is THE schizz!!!!

    Guns are WAAAAAYY over rated!!!

    Yo, dudes!!!!…y’all just don’t recognize valuable items!!! Think about it… shea butter vs. guns… the power of an ancient tree can heal a “ton” of ailments! It’s God-powered!!!

    Guns are the exact opposite….

  15. Oh…..okay…….

    Let’s keep making “hand”guns then.

    We need to make sure those bad people don’t run out of ways to be bad.

    Question MIL: Which would be easier to eradicate?

    “Hand”guns or bad people?

    I’m Just Waitin’…..

    (Please note that my issue is NOT “guns” but “HANDguns”)

  16. Ok….I can dispell the “rumor” about Kroger pulling out. It’s just that….a rumor. I spoke with my contact at Kroger (he’s actually the project manager). He stated that equipment will be on site April 1. They are ready to break ground as soon as possible.

  17. SWEET!

  18. Let’s do this on handguns:give all the criminals 90 days to turn them in.Then,of course,we have another ninety day period where we test the statistics.Certainly their will be no handguns violence during that period as all those nice criminals will be curbed their appetite for violent crime.Then all the citizenry will turn in their weapons as well.This message brought to you by the ACLU (yeah…right).

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