Shameless Self Promotion in Which She Throws Modesty Out the Window

“I’d like to thank Shamu.  And all the other mammals and the U.S. Americans.”

That would’ve been my thank you speech, but someone was smart enough to not give me a microphone.  I won our company-wide “Whale Done” Award today!   Named after Ken Blanchard‘s Whale Done: The Power of Positive Relationships, the people who’ve been elected by their colleagues in our offices from around Middle Tennessee are then “nominees” for the company award.  I’m not sure who makes the final selection of the winner, but my guess is it’s Mr. Bob Parks, our general manager Sharon Langford, and possibly the brokers from the offices.  It was exciting!!

And during the state-of-the-company address, I was reminded that Bob Parks Realty, LLC is an official sponsor of the Tennessee Titans. 

There were some pretty interesting statistics discussed today.  It is still a “sellers” market when it comes to homes in the range up to $150,000.  BUT, if you list your home right now you’ll only have a 50-50 chance of selling it the first go-round.  The Feds are considering legislation that will raise the limit of a home loan to $650,000 before it’s considered a “jumbo” loan which would mean higher interest rates.  I think that limit is now in the low 400-thousands. 

Mr. Parks is optimistic like I am that by summer we’ll see the market start to take off again.  I think people paid to be economists are saying 2009, though.  However, if my ringing phone is any indication, I think it’ll be this spring!!

Anyway, it was kind of an exciting day today for me.  Thank you for being patient while I bragged.


3 Responses

  1. Congrats on the award. And no shame in being proud — you deserve it girl!

    Next time, let us know and I know several people that will dress up in uniforms with pom-poms and be your cheerleaders.

    Never mind, that image of me, Gunner and Mark in those short skirts is just too much!


  2. Did I hear a cheer from the local “Sweet Potato Queens” or was I in a haze??? I’ve recently had surgery and the narcs do “talk”, y’know?

  3. Yvonne – The idea of you, Gunner and Mark wearing cheerleader outfits just made my day even greater. I’m mean, seriously. Ha!
    Gina – Get well soon, okay, ya’ll? I hope you have a loving, supportive family around you to help out right now.
    Everyone – seriously sorry about the weak moment that I spent bragging. But I was soooooo excited!

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