Scary Road, Scary Experience

I hadn’t read my friend Chip’s blog today, but found his post through Music City Bloggers.  You may know that he’s only the best school bus driver in LaVergne (okay, we have a lot of good ones but since he’s my friend I’m going to say his the best!).  Chip had a close-call today:

As I topped the hill an eighteen wheeler came around the curve heading toward me.

The truck itself was on its side of the road but the trailer was not. The rear of the trailer was heading straight towards my mirror and me. With barely a piece of shoulder I took the bus off the side and nearly flipped.

Thankfully, noone was injured, the bus wasn’t damaged, I was able to get back up on the road and finish my route.

If you work for the city in any type of capacity that controls roads and planning, etc. you MUST READ HIS ENTIRE POST.  Remember, that could’ve been your child on the bus and next time he may not be so lucky.

One Response

  1. I disagree, I blame the driver. I’m pretty sure there’s a sign there saying no vehicles over x weight. That road is definitely way to narrow for an 18 wheeler. I don’t think the city or state should make every road large enough to accomodate an 18 wheeler.

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