Kroger and the Vet

Kroger is BACK and I love it! 

Ok….I can dispell the “rumor” about Kroger pulling out. It’s just that….a rumor. I spoke with my contact at Kroger (he’s actually the project manager). He stated that equipment will be on site April 1. They are ready to break ground as soon as possible.

Thank you, Angie B.!!! 

Sad news from the morning.  Our almost-20-year old cat had to be put down this morning after sufferng a massive seizure.  I wouldn’t normally share something so intensely personal and sad here, but I wanted to publicly thank the doctors and staff at the LaVergne Veterinary Clinic for their kindness, compassion, and for being so gentle.  They were incredibly professional this morning and I really appreciate it.


Goodbye, Pootster.  It was a good 20 years.


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  1. Condolences to you, Kathy.

    I have been going to La Vergne Vet for the past 10 years or so. That’s 3 cats & a dog for full care. The docs are gentle and really caring when you have to let a loved one go. (Two cats in the time above)

    And on the happy part of this post…Very excited about Kroger!!!

  2. Good to hear about Kroger. Sorry to hear about your cat – I know that had to be tough.

  3. RIP Pootster :-(

  4. Kathy, my deepest sympathies on the loss of your sweet kitty. Been there, done that, and I know how devastating it is. :( I do agree with you about the LaVergne Vet Clinic. I’ve used them for many, many years and their staff is absolutely wonderful. If any of our bloggers are looking for pet care, I’d highly recommend them.

    On another note . . . hooray on the Kroger news!!

  5. Kathy – I’m so sorry to hear about Pootster. Sometimes we have to love them enough to do the right thing for them when the time comes. I have three cats who started out as strays but they’re full of love, make me laugh, keep my blood pressure low, but they draw the line when I try to sing – they dive under the bed. LaVergne Vet Clinic takes excellent care of them and I wouldn’t take them anywhere else. I hope you consider giving another cat a loving home – Jimmer

  6. I’d definitely take another cat someday, but I plan to wait until after our two dogs are gone. I expect them to be around for years more. Except they’re so fat and might have heart attacks sooner than expected. I’ll lay that blame on my mother-in-law who is a compulsive pet feeder. It’ really quiet at our house since the loud kitty is gone, but my girls make up for it when they have their knock down, drag out fights. Kids.

  7. I’m seeing good things about the La Vergne Vet… I’m starting the process of looking for a new vet because I am tired of the attitudes I keep encountering at the other clinics I’ve been to. Is La Vergne reasonably priced? Do they listen to the pet owners? A big concern of mine is not feeling listened to by the vet I am currently seeing and also not being given information on diagnoses. Just “give them this medication and bring them back in two weeks.”

    I would welcome any thoughts, good or bad, on the La Vergne clinic.

  8. We moved to LaVergne in 1989, but continued to use our Brentwood vet since we were so crazy about him. However, I soon got really tired of my poor dog getting carsick every time we made that drive. When he finally passed away and we got another dog, we decided to find somebody closer. (This was about 1995, I think.) We’ve used LaVergne Vet since then and have been extremely happy with them.

    They’re great about getting you in when you have anything urgent and their fees are very reasonable (at least compared to Brentwood’s rates, anyway). Another thing I really like is the fact that they won’t pressure you to buy routine medications from them (heartworm pills, etc.) They’ll readily admit that they have to charge more than online sites, and are happy to just write you a prescription so you can get the meds somewhere else if you prefer.

    The staff is wonderful and very friendly. I’ve never gotten any “attitude” from the techs or the vets themselves, either, nor any problems getting any questions answered.

    The only thing I’m not crazy about is their boarding facilities. I don’t EVER board my dog or cat, but had a family emergency out of town a few years ago and had no choice at the last minute. I guess there’s nothing truly wrong with boarding there – the facilities were clean, just cramped and the noise level was deafening. I have a laid-back, very docile 90-pound lab who wouldn’t eat the whole 5 days he was there, probably just from being freaked out and scared since he’d never been boarded before and he was terrified. The next couple of times he went to the vet after that, I had to literally drag him in the door, but now he’s fine and loves going.

    This got rather long . . . sorry. Anyway, I’m quite happy with LaVergne Vet and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

  9. Thank you for the info. I’ll keep checking back to see if anyone else has comments to add. I think I’ll give them a call and make an appointment. It will be nice to have a vet that is very close to us.

    Thanks again!

  10. Shelly, I went to the La Vergne Vet Center for a long time. They usually were fabulous, but my last encounter with them was when I had to put down 2 sick cats. I’m fairly certain that they had gotten some tainted food during that recall, before we were aware of it. Long story short, I had to put them to sleep and the tech I dealt with that day was absolutely awful… I felt hideous that I had come to that resort, but didn’t see another solution and the tech made me feel even worse. I had not ever met that person before, but the rest of the staff was familiar with my family… and they were great people.

    Now I go to Animal Care Vet Hospital in the ‘Boro…. reason #1 is because my “fur-baby” is a Pet-Land baby and these animal doctors have been her health care providers from the get go. She also gets groomed there… I can’t say enough good things about these doctors and the staff! They are a God-send!

  11. Cricket, is that the place right off Highway 96, on the service road to Old Time Pottery and the now-closed mall (which I think is currently a Verizon call center)?

  12. No, it’s on New Salem Highway (Hwy. 99) at the intersection with St. Andrews Drive. Their phone # is 896-3434 or check out the website animalcarevet(dot)net.

  13. Thank you Cricket. I have also been referred to PetMed in Hickory Hollow. I guess I am just going to have to set up some appointments and meet people in person to see where I feel most comfortable taking my cats.

    You guys have been a lot of help! Thank you!!!

  14. Shelly, it’s certainly up to you, but there’s no way in he** I’d ever go to PetMed. My best friend used to take her animals there and had a horrible experience about 3 years ago. Her 18-year-old cat was terminally ill (I don’t remember what he had) and PetMed told her when the time came, they’d handle everything for her. Well, a few months later, it was time. She called them first thing in the morning and they told her they’d “work her in.” She calls me FIVE hours later, almost hysterical. She’s still sitting in the waiting room and PetMed tells her it might be a few more hours, possibly even the next day, but she was welcome to leave the cat and they’d put him down as soon as they could. She was in tears and I was absolutely furious. I left work in Brentwood, picked up her and her cat, went to LaVergne Vet (we were both so upset, I didn’t even think to tell them I was coming), and they handled things compassionately and quickly. I think we were in the waiting room about 5 minutes or so. I did apologize to several people in the waiting room for their appointments being pushed back to help my friend, and everyone was very kind and sympathetic.

    Here’s the real kicker . . . PetMed had the gall to send her a bill for a missed appointment, since she’d left before services were provided! Needless to say, that bill was not paid. After that whole fiasco, I know of at least four people in our neighborhood that never used PetMed again.

    Sorry to get so vocal about this, but hearing you might use PetMed just brought back some terrible memories of my one and only experience with them.

    I do hope you can find someone you’re comfortable with and posting your question on this blog was definitely a good idea. I think I’ll try your approach next time I’m looking for a referral.

  15. Thanks for your info, Sherry. Actually, I went to Animal Medical Center in Murfreesboro (the one that’s also the emergency vet) and had wonderful service. We saw Dr. Collins. I would recommend them.

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