Happy Leap Day!

leapfrog.jpgIt’s Leap Year!  It’s Leap Day!

Are there any women in LaVergne planning to propose today?   

If you want more random info about Leap Year and Leap Day, go to Shak & Jill – a national real estate site that I write for (for which I write for those of you picky about the English language).

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Open Thread

What’s on your mind LaVergne’ites?

I’ll get you started… I just saw on the news there’s been a big wreck at Waldron Road and Old Waldron Road.  One person according to DNJ is unresponsive. 

Going to a doctor for nasty ol’pink eye.  This is my new doctor… well for the last two years anyway.  I quit my old doc when I had a massive medical emergency. The ER said to see my doc the next day and they couldnt’ see me until the next week.  My nurse friend got me in to HER doc and I had emergency surgery the next day.  So I love these new doctors when you can call for an illness and get in the same day.

So what’s on YOUR mind LaVergnions?

Face Made from Woman’s Remains

I can’t find a photo in newspapers – heck I can’t even find where anyone has covered it in newspapers – but the television news aired a picture of the unidentified woman whose body was found off Hollandale Road this fall. 

Here’s the Channel 5 story with a photo of what the woman would have looked like.  She looks hauntingly familiar to me.  Like someone you’d pass in a grocery store or see in a crowd at a PTO meeting.  Police believe she died July 2007’ish.

unidentified woman

Here’s a link to the WKRN story.  This video just shows the steps leading up to the police taking her skull to Knoxville for forensic experts to build her face.

See the New Tab Up There?

Hello hello!  I know I’ve not written in the last day or two, but life and work always take precedence!  Work has been my focus these last two days… and I’ll tell you why!  I have met with several agents who have listings in Lake Forest Estates and we are holding a “Parade of Homes” on Sunday, March 16 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

There will be more homes added as they’re confirmed.  Meanwhile if you have family, friends, or colleagues considering a move to LaVergne, this would be a great time to tell them to come visit! 

Pssst!  There might be access to chocolate.

Cookie Monsters

Another cookie booth today from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. in front of LaVergne Movie Gallery.  We’ll be bundled up trying to stay warm, so please come by and make it worth our frozen fingers.  And if you’re a reader who’s stopping by, please say hello (I’m looking at YOU Mikey… although I think we’ve met before at Oldtimers Day maybe if you’re the karate guy).

We will have a girl in costume again – she’ll be dressed as a do-si-do.  And maybe we’ll sacrifice another box for customers to sample!

LaVergne Easter Egg Hunt

The city of LaVergnes annual  Easter Egg Hunt is set for March 15 from 9 – 11 a.m. at Bicentennial Park, 5093 Murfreesboro Road, La Vergne.   My daughter had so much fun the past two years.  Prior to the egg hunt there are games for the kids to play, crafts and face painting.  The hunts are divided by age groups.  Be sure to bring your basket.  Hope to see you there! Biane

Saturday News and Link Dump

Welcome the new Library Director in LaVergne.  Joe Gunter looks like one interesting person!

He has spent the better part of 2007 co-writing a science fiction/horror trilogy with one of his brothers, which is due for publication sometime next year. His “non-library” career consisted of various levels of success as a musician from 1969 to 1985.

For our new library director…


Photo from LOLCats here.

Happy result from the Amber Alert – suspect captured in Smyrna by Ginger’s daughter’s best friend’s dad.

There’s this little gem about this whacky editor of TiL.  (Like how I sneaked it in?) BEAM! 

Hannah Montana movie to be filmed in Tennessee.  My 12-year old is happy.

What kind of driver are you?  This is pretty funny stuff.  H/T: Music City Bloggers and Nashville is Talking.

If you get bored, Twittervision is pretty interesting. Talk about living in a small world!

And finally, PLEASE stay home if you’re sick.  If you haven’t already fallen victim to this flu outbreak, wash your hands frequently.

PS – Have I yet said how much I love this new layout?