Adopt a Pet

I saw this photo in the Murfreesboro Post and it made me smile… especially the pitiful little white puppy in the middle that everyone is standing on.

Cute Puppies

Whether you’re a dog or cat person, the Rutherford County Pet Adoption & Welfare Services (PAWS) office would love to see you!  I got this dog from there:


We named her Liberty (because she was liberated from the pound) Belle (because Liberty Belle sounds awesome) Dumbledog (after Harry Potter’s great wizard Dumbledore).  So she’s Liberty Belle Dumbledog Tyson, but we call her Libby for short.  Interestingly, our remaining cat is named Kitty.  Officially it’s Phoebe, but we call her Kitty.

If you go to PAWS to find a pet, there are some adoption policies that you can read here. And if you have other pets, they’ll want to see medical records from your veterinarian to be sure that you do properly care for the animal(s) you already have.  Good luck!

2 Responses

  1. How cute that all white one is (of course yours is too though).. It’s dog to hear them wanting medical records, I know a few just don’t care anymore about any of that.

  2. How cute! I seem to stubble on your blog everytime I google something in La Vergne, that’s awesome! I am thinking of adopting. Talk to you soon, sheri

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