To Kroger or Not to Kroger? That is the Question.

The Daily News Journal revealed in today’s online paper that Kroger is not yet ready to reveal whether Kroger is coming to LaVergne or not.  Officially, anyway.

And while we’re asking questions… does anyone know of any restaurants that deliver nutritious meals to residents of LaVergne?  I’ve already got the pizza places covered.  Anyone else?


6 Responses

  1. Do any restaurants delive nutritious meals? You can get pizza and chineese food delivered. Anything else?

  2. Who delivers Chinese?

  3. My take on the Kroger issue is that Kroger is on its way to the old Southern Foods/Bi Lo location.They will not announce anything until their option expires or nears expiration at the location.Off the subject,but Stroud’s BBQ officially opened today.

  4. MMMMM….BBQ. We got the Lazy Pig, (my 5YO loves eating the pig.), but I am always open to BBQ.

    I could handle some delivered Chinese, too.

  5. I thought all chineese food places delivered? Didn’t the big apple buffet deliver?

    My wife hates chineese food, so I’ve never tested delivery.

  6. Just wanted to let everyone know my husband and I had Chinese take-out tonight at Shun Cheong off of Waldron Rd. I believe the location would be west of 24 in the new shopping mall. Their food is wonderful! It is convenient and the prices are reasonable. I reccomend the egg rolls! Just thought I’d let ya’ll know if you ever want to get take-out, they have a few tables if you would like to dine in as well.

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