Voter Harrassed at Polling Place

One of our site authors shares a story on her personal blog about her experience today while voting.  It wasn’t pretty.

When I went outside to leave, the police officer was there with one of the Aldermen from the City. I asked if the man had left, and he said he had, but that I needed to wait.

I asked if I was going to be arrested, and he said no. The Alderman had the Rutherford County Election Commissioner on her cell phone and he wanted to speak with me. Flabbergasted, I said, “Everybody, I put my phone away an HOUR ago…why am I being berated over and over for this?!? Fine, I’ll speak to him.”

Ginger was informed that it was illegal to take photos or video the lines at polling places.  Misinformed would be a more accurate description.  Read the whole post… it’s kind of scary to me that one person could intimidate another like that and have the power to do so.

My own experience voting today was vastly different.  No lines.  Friendly election workers.  Nothing like what Ginger experienced.  I still wonder WHY there is never a line at the City Hall but ALWAYS a long line at the Old Nashville Highway location?  I think our precincts should be studied and re-mapped. 


6 Responses

  1. Be aware, while taking pictures of people is not illegal, it CAN generate lawsuits from the subjects for using their likeness without their permission.

    I’m Just Sayin’…

  2. I wonder why my husband and I have been zoned for the Old Nashville Highway location when we live closer to City Hall?

  3. I had to go to Roy Waldron and it took me 45 minutes and you couldn’t see which line you were supposed to be in. Luckily, a very nice lady was directing people in the right direction. Although, they never did ID me to see if I was who I was supposed to be.

  4. I voted at Roy Waldron, and it took about 5 minutes. And Christie- they asked me for TWO forms of ID! Weird, huh?

  5. I am only 1-1/2 miles from Rock Springs Elementary which when I passed it yesterday, was practically empty…yet I had to drive across town to get to the Old Nashville Hwy. polling place, which as I said in my original post, was packed. The zoning doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I guess it is what it is.

    I’d push to see if we could get it changed before November, but I am afraid there would be so much confusion that our votes would end up getting lost and not counting…

  6. I voted on Old Nashville Hwy and it took me about an hour and a half. The lines were out of alphabetic order which really confused everyone. You could not read the line signs because they had taped the sign on the table and the lines were so long you could not see them. This was not much improvement over the last big election. I biggest problem I see is no parking. I do not see why the City of La Vergne does not utilize the City Hall buildings and building in the back plus the Library. The Old Nashville Hwy location is just too small to have a large amount of people show up and vote. I was under the impression after the last big election this was fixed. I guess not.

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