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I sent an email to our mayor and Aldermen a couple of days ago, and just recently got off the phone with Alderman Waldron who called back to discuss my ideas. I wanted to share some bits of our conversation here.

The first thing I would like to say is that we are being heard! Waldron said he has heard from citizens regarding the parking situation, and has been discussing solutions with the Mayor, and I think I can support their prospective resolution. Waldron would like to ban parking in the yard for lots with less than a 1/4 acre lot. His opinion is that these are small homes not intended for multiple familes, and they do have at least two parking spots. There also are options to park on the curb if you have overnight guests – just call the PD and they won’t ticket you! He feels like those with larger homes might have a car parked behind their home and he would not want to be in a position where codes is overly intrusive.  This is not law, just one idea that I agree might work.

We also discussed taxes. Dennis Waldron ran for office on a platform of keeping taxes low, and while he’s not opposed to modest tax increases if needed, he doesn’t want them to go too high. I mentioned the need for police officers, and he said the city has added police officers, and they are going to open the LFE sub-station soon. This is being done with no tax increase.

Neither of us had much time to talk, so we didn’t get to discuss another point I made in relations to public works projects. I mentioned I would like to see some of the older roads here upgraded in a way similar to the upgrades done on Enon Springs and Rocky Fork Road in Smyrna. He mentioned some good news regarding retail but I don’t want to mention it here.

I wanted to post this because I want to encourage everyone who reads this to contact our Mayor and Alderman. They won’t know what we want unless they hear us. Our elected officials are interested in what we have to say. I sent them an email but you can write or call. Here is their contact info:

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  1. Good stuff!

    Regarding the “being heard” aspect, I think an occasional visit to this blog would certainly contribute to the amount of info they get to hear (if they’re not already prowling around here).

    I’m Just Encouraged……

  2. This is great, Michael! I just want to hear about the retail now. :) I actually had a very long converation with our city planner yesterday. I feel we’re going in the right direction.

  3. Lets get retail here…let’s work hard on this and welcome all retail business’s!! I would like a new computer cafe so we can all meet and have coffee or tea together. Someone open one up soon!!

  4. Thanks Kathy for your hard work! I will definately write in to the Mayor and Alderman.

  5. Way to go, Michael! I have to admit, I’m one to gripe, but not take any action. I think I’ll be contacting some folks myself now. :)

    I’m anxiously awaiting the retail news, though!

  6. Sooo Michael… interested in running for office? Heh.

  7. What is going on across from Foodlion. I see the door and window place is gone and they are working on the front of the building. On Waldron next to Firestone, something is going on there also, I heard rumor of Kroger going there. I hope not, I really like the idea of Kroger in the old BiLo location.

  8. Another drug store…Rite Aid will be building on the corner.

  9. Thanks for all the comments. Between what has been posted here and on other topics, you’ve learned all my ‘secret’ retail news (I didn’t lknow Rite Aid was public, but then again I never drive mboro road).

    My point to the board is simply that I can do everything to my house (all brick, granite coutertops, whatever), but if my neighbor feels like he should run a used car lot on his lawn, all my work is for nothing. The city is responsible for helping me protect my investment, and I think we are going to see some new action to help us real soon.

  10. Thanks MichaelinLV for looking into this and helping your neighbors even though we arent really neighbors we are by the way of being in the city. I am so glad we are getting more retail here. what I would really like to see come to our great city is a water park down by the lake. wouldnt that be awesome? We also need more festivals in our great little town other than just Old Timers Day(just a big yard sale).

  11. Oops, sorry I got the names confused earlier. I must’ve been tired. Thank you MichaelinLV for your hard work. Thanks Kathy for your continued good work as well.

  12. Now I drove down Industrial bvld today and saw uo by sanford rd that they are clearing off some land which is maybe about an acre or so with warehouses around them. I am wondering what is going to put there? does anyone know?

  13. The Rite Aid info was in the “Citizen’s Update”. They always give out little tidbits there.

  14. Mark, in regards to the construction on Industrial Blvd, I saw in last months M/A meeting they approved rezoning for the land at Old Sanford Road, and I believe it was rezoned for retail. I know there’s the big new center going in further down next to the Target, so I’m wondering if this is related?

    I agree with you Mark that I too would love to see developement on the lake, however that would be up to the Corps of Engineers since they own that land and not La Vergne.

  15. kathy in your entry you said that you didn’t want to mention anything about the new retail here. When and where were you going to do that?
    I love to hear about new retail…

  16. Whoopity ;)
    When I talked with the city planner he didn’t specifically mention what was coming. I said I WANT to know what Michael knows that he’s not sharing after talking with Dennis Waldron! The only things I’ve recently heard about are a Rite Aid, maybe?! Kroger, and there was some manufacturing something on Waldron Road going in. Plus the new barbeque place just opened.

  17. If anyone would like to discuss the city with me please contact me at the following: or just give me call 793-2469 home or 405-1571 cell.

  18. Thanks Senna for being the ONLY city official who invites citizens to contact you . . . the others appear to be too busy to deal with the average citizens, but oh those developers . . . What exactly is the “SUNSHINE LAW” as it applies to La Vergne?????

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