Riding Along in My Automobile

I rode for the first time down the completed West Nir Shreibman Road last night on my way to a meeting downtown.  When I moved here, there were only two exits out of Lake Forest: Stones River Rd. and Fergus Road (Bill Stewart).  Now with this road open and the Dick Buchanan Street extension, I’ve seen a major drop in traffic on Fergus..  It’s been a great relief to be able to turn left onto Fergus in the morning now.  I could have a photo scavenger hunt, but am much too pleased with the opened road to drag that out.  Sadly, I didn’t have my camera out fast enough to take pictures of the roundabout.  I just like saying “roundabout” in my horrific British accent.  Roundabout.





3 Responses

  1. I have been early to work (in Nashville) everyday since the opening. Also makes it easier to get to Kum Sung & WillStan’s.

  2. LOL at the British-accented “Roundabout”.

    I guess Canadians would say “Roundaboot”.

  3. I guess Canadians would say “Roundaboot”.

    Ha! Good one.

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