Senator Erwin

Our very own Mayor of the Metropolis of LaVergne is taking the first steps toward a run for State Senate.  He says,

“I’m just putting my feelers out there. It’s nothing against Jim Tracy. I think a lot of him, as a friend and a senator,” Erwin told The Daily News Journal Thursday afternoon.

Read the breaking news story in The Daily News Journal by Mealand Ragland Hudgins.


5 Responses

  1. Watch out Barney — here comes Ronnie!!

  2. I think Jim Tracy has done a lot more for our district than Erwin has done for our city. Democrat and Republican aside (yes, I am a Republican), what can Erwin really say he’s done for La Vergne?

    In the time he’s been mayor we’ve constantly lost retail to Smyrna, Crime has increased, property values have tanked, rental property has skyrocketed, developement has been mis-managed, and people generally have been less happy about what’s going on here.

    I’m not saying all of this is Erwin’s fault, I’m just asking what kind of record is he going to run on? I know some of the problems are economic, but even considering all that, we seem to have more Antioch-type problems, and fewer Smyrna-type successes. It seems to me he should wait at least 4 more years before considering this. He doesn’t have a snowballs chance of winning right now.

  3. Whaddaya know, Michael, I totally agree with what you have said. I believe that sound you’re all hearing is Hell freezing over.

  4. Well of course you agree with me, who wouldn’t!? Really though, I think its straight forward. You should prove to your current constituents that you’re a good leader before trying to expand you constituency.

    Of course, inactivity isn’t always bad. I certainly believe in the phrase ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it.’ However, plenty is broke in LV.

  5. I do not think being a used car salesman and bail bondsman qualifies someone for a Senate seat:not even in a totally corrupt state like Tennessee.I do not see Erwin accomplishing anything in LaVergne to date.The police force can not retain anyone,and the city is regressing towards being the next Cambodioch.

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