Happy Presidents’ Day

Hope all you with school-aged kids are enjoying their day off.  Hope all you postal workers are enjoying your day off.  Hope all you government workers are also enjoying your day off.  But to you folks who are working hard today – nurses, police officers, fire fighters, doctors and medical professionals, grocers – I want to thank you.  Especially the 911 worker who sent him and the police officer who just showed up at my house to see if everyone was okay because a 911 call “originated” from there.  I don’t know what happened, but the kids and mother-in-law had some excitement today because of your visit.  I’ll check all my phones when I get home to be sure that no calls were accidentally dialed (although the kids are old enough to know better and also said they checked the phone while the officer was there).

In any case, I’m grateful to you for making sure we were okay.  Thank you.


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